Don’t Waste 2023: 7 Reasons You Must Start Planning For Your Goals Immediately4 min read

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Every year, especially on New Year’s Eve, billions of people talk about new year’s resolutions and goals they intend to achieve in the new year. But most of these new year resolutions and goals are carryovers from the just concluded year. Roadblocks over the previous year stopped them from happening.

Goals are different from resolutions in that resolutions are mere statements or promises to do things better. For example; last year, I told myself I would not take soda for the whole year—just that. 

On the other hand, goals state what you intend to do, how to achieve it, and the tools that will bring it to fruition. 

In this article, James Clear said much about goal setting. 

In this piece, we will discuss the importance of creating a plan for achieving your goals at any time. 

Why is it important to plan your goals?

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  1. Planning your Goals Will Help You Maintain Focus

When a blacksmith keeps hitting a red-hot iron, we know that there is something he intends to achieve.

Focus involves channeling your resources into an activity to get a specific result. 

As you know, when you are focused, it shows you know what you intend to achieve, and that dictates what you do and stops you from wasting your effort. 

  1. Identify Roadblocks. 

It’s essential to evaluate your goal before starting as it prepares you for the roadblocks you likely may face along the way. 

For example, if a student named Ade intends to graduate with a first-class degree with a 5.0 GPA. The significant roadblocks he may face would be distractions like partying, peer pressure, etc. Hence by evaluating his goals beforehand he would know exactly what not to do. 

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We must understand that roadblocks defer for each person and goal. Look around you and you will identify the one particular to you. 

  1. Measure Results 

As in our case study, Ade has set a goal of graduating with a first-class degree and must set milestones to help measure his progress. 

The milestones he may use to measure his progress include his test and semester results. Every semester he will have to check his GPA to see if he is still on track. Anything other than this would have him graduating with a poor GPA.

  1. Build Your Self-esteem. 

By sticking to the plan and scoring high on tests and exams, his confidence grows, and he begins to see himself as a winner. This continues throughout his university years, and graduating with a First Class Degree solidifies this positive self-image and pushes him to pursue and achieve more in his professional career. Do you get it? 

  1. Achieve The Life You Desire 

There is no magic to having the life you desire than goal setting. You want an organized life, a better body shape, a great career, and good health. 

When you set your goals, you find yourself setting the pace for yourself. 

  1. Become A Better Person 

Most people want to be better but do not know what to do (or not do) to achieve this. By planning for your goals, you become better prepared to make the right choices that will help you become a better version of yourself.

This may involve breaking old/bad habits. Habits are hard to notice or change if you don’t set a goal. James Clear’s book Atomic Habit is your best bet for understanding habits. 

Likewise, several guides to building habits help in achieving your goal.

  1. Keep You One Step Ahead 

Opportunity, they say, ”comes but once”. Another saying goes thus, “opportunity meets the ready”. By setting goals, you get motivated to stick to the plan thereby keeping you alert for opportunities. By inspiring discipline and awareness, setting goals puts you far ahead of your contemporaries.

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So, in this piece, we have observed the seven importance of setting a goal this new year.

Use the proven steps to take to ensure you set your desired goals for this year. Write out that goal, consider the roadblocks ahead, and achieve that goal!

See you at the top.

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