How To Be Happy Amidst Constant Challenges In Life.7 min read

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We’re often inclined to think we will be happy once we get something, somewhere, or overcome a challenge. But, like a mirage, that bias is only an illusion that gets us racing forward and onward.

Whilst this is good for making “progress” in life, it can quickly turn into a formula for unhappiness. 

How To Be Happy Despite Challenges

Develop a Positive Attitude

There will always be challenges. And, every new challenge will “feel” as important as the former. And, the harsh truth is that you won’t overcome all your challenges. Eventually one of those challenges will be you struggling for your last breath on your deathbed (hopefully at an old age). 

This is why your attitude as you move through life from challenge to challenge is important.

Do you always whine and make everyone around you feel miserable? Do you always sacrifice your happiness, health, and self-respect? Do you hate and curse every second you spend facing a challenging situation?


Do you compliment and encourage those around you? Do you protect your happiness, health, and self-respect? Do you feel grateful and humble in the face of a challenging situation?

Whatever your choice, challenges will inevitably arise. But the right attitude – a positive one – will make your burdens bearable. It does this not only by attracting helpful people and creating opportunities for support but also by shifting your focus from the pain to the valuable lessons embedded within the challenges.

Heck! If you do it well enough, like Sisyphus, you and everyone around you can find genuine meaning, purpose, and happiness amidst the ceaseless challenges of life.

Reframe Your Circumstances In Your Mind

Whenever you catch yourself worrying or complaining about something, pause and reframe the situation in your head.

Imagine the challenge as being some enemy in a video game. Except that, this video game is played with you as the main character, and the graphics are so much better – so good they are called “Real Life”. 

I’m sure you enjoy games that are a bit challenging, and hate when nothing is keeping you busy (i.e. boredom). So, why do you think a life without any challenges will be worth living?

This conscious act of reframing your circumstances in your mind is important because, with it, you can turn your life into a thrilling adventure; with each new challenge adding to the overall value and joy you feel.

It’s not toxic positivityit is not about pretending everything is perfectbut about choosing to see the challenges in your life as opportunities for learning, growth, and ultimately, happiness.

The happiest people in life often choose, chase, and conquer worthwhile challenges – be it skydiving, learning a new skill, or talking to someone they admire. 

Conquering challenges sparks a surge of joy within us. The act of overcoming hurdles triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin, potent bio-chemicals that flood our brains with a sense of accomplishment and well-being. This surge not only feels good, but it also emboldens us with a sense of purpose and meaning. And, without this sense of purpose and meaning, we risk succumbing to the emptiness of nihilism – depression and even suicide.

Embrace a Growth Mindset and Optimism

Remember, you don’t always win a video game level at the first attempt. Sometimes you might have to replay a stage over and over again. And, other times you will have to upgrade your “character” to conquer.

Similarly, in “Real Life”, you have to be persistent and embrace constant growth if you wish to succeed.

You can view life as a game of chess: We all start weak and prone as Pawns. But, if we carefully direct our moves, we could end up being the most powerful piece on the board – a Queen. 

It is no surprise we chose “Pawns” as our brand name, and “Grow up – Level up – Step up” as our slogan.

Remember, this doesn’t mean you should chase unreasonable ambitions or endure challenges that aren’t meant for you. When done right, upgrading your character and abilities will naturally equip you to avoid, release, or conquer unnecessary challenges, while also guiding you towards seeking and embracing better ones.

Control Your Desires

As Mark Manson argues, “Problems never stop; they merely get exchanged and/or upgraded.”.

For instance, you may overcome the initial hurdle of not having what to wear, but that victory is fleeting. Soon, you’ll find yourself grappling with the looming problem of not having anywhere to go. And even when that hurdle is cleared, the next challenge rears its head: who to go out with, or how to even get there. This cycle of anxieties continues, escalating to the point of obsessing over luxury clothes and extravagant outings designed to impress. It’s a never-ending treadmill of desires, chasing one fleeting satisfaction after another.

It is great wisdom to control your desires – to resist the urge to keep wanting more and more. It is even greater wisdom to avoid getting worked up about the luxuries you do not enjoy. After all, what one considers a necessity, another may view as a luxury. 

When you broaden your perspective and understand that every victory brings a new set of challenges, you begin to appreciate not only what you have, but also the absence of certain things. This allows you to let go of the unnecessary, find peace in absence, and discover more in less.

Practice Gratitude

Pause and appreciate what is. 

Yes, challenges are there – they never really go away – but there is so much to be grateful for. There is so much to be happy about – health, food, shelter, and clothing are amongst the top things that come to mind. And, if you pay closer attention, you will find even more things to be grateful for every day

Indeed, with enough practice, gratitude can extend even to our challenges. Changing diapers, for example, may be messy, but it can also be seen as a privilege, an opportunity to nurture and care for another being. Whether it’s for your own child, a sibling, a friend, or even a random person in need, every diaper change represents a moment of connection and love.

Instead of focusing on the inconveniences of the situations, you can shift your perspective and recognize the beauty in the mundane. So that all your efforts to make things better become a tangible expression of your love and value as a human being. It becomes a reminder that you are important and that even the smallest things you do have profound meaning – as they affect you, others, and the world around you.

Conclusion: Don’t avoid unhappiness, embrace it as a reminder to seek happiness.

Being happy amidst challenges is not easy. But, it isn’t impossible either. 

When you start reframing challenges as opportunities to act, learn, grow, evolve, and find meaning, you begin to feel not just a sense of agency and control over your own destiny, but you carve your own path towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

It’s okay to feel unhappy sometimes. Just like we refuel our bodies when hungry, we need to replenish our hearts with happiness from time to time. Don’t avoid unhappiness, embrace it as a reminder to seek joy and nourish your soul.


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