Imagine Life Is A Game (And Everyone Is Watching You Play):3 min read

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Imagine you were an alien – an actual unhuman alien – having no resemblance whatsoever with a human, or whatever we’ve seen in movies.

So that we can’t even begin to imagine your true nature. And the civilization you came from is so advanced they not only built magnificent edifices but entire Universes.

Now, imagine you are a young alien at an alien interview in this alien place you came from.

You were asked only one question in this interview, “How good are you at making the most out of circumstances?

After explaining your capabilities, the interviewer asked if you would be willing to take a test.

You said “Yes

That was how your life began. A test – to test all you claimed you could do.

The Instructions were simple: “Make the most out of your life. Use the resources and tools that are within your reach to create a better world around you.”.

Imagine these interviewers sitting in the circumference of the universe observing you right now.

They can not just see your actions (or inactions) but your intentions (or lack thereof) as you live.

Everything that happens was set up (by them) to test you in some way.

Also imagine every person you see on earth is also on an interview with a special, yet different mission; hence have different life experiences.

All the interviewers are always watching, attentively – watching when and how you piss, poop, spit, drink, eat, f#ck, help, lie, love, hate, envy, mock, fear, hope, etc.

nothing is hidden.

And everything is expected too.

Imagine the creators of this simulation intentionally stuck you into the body of a Homo Sapien – a close relative of the Chimps.

They understood there were limitations, inclinations, and proclivities with this animalistic body you wore

But Imagine they were only interested in seeing how you will overcome those basal instincts and biological constraints to fulfill the mission, your mission.

Now, If you knew all of life was a game, how would you live? How would you play?

Would you play in such a way to maximize wealth, love, health, peace, and happiness?

How will you play?

What if the life you can’t stop dreaming of is the mission- the objective of your life – the reason you were put here?

What if it was within your power to create that life

What if the alien interviewers are recording how long it took you to realize this mission…and, how long it took you to fulfill it.

How good will your results be?

It is easy to find excuses. 

But what if the alien interviewers were thorough, and ensured there was none?

What if they have already given you all you need to pass this test? 

What if there is no excuse?

What if this was not just an imagination.

What if this life is a game?

What if you really can make it (whatever that means to you)?

What if you just have to pick a mission (no matter how mundane) and complete it?

What if you can start now?

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor”

– Elon Musk

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