Are You Stuck In A Rut? [5 Tips To Help You Get Through Tough Times, And Emerge A Better You]3 min read

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Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel like a snail in a horse race? Or a horse in quicksand, where each attempt to get ahead or get out proves futile?

That used to be my exact circumstance for almost five years straight.

Upon graduation from Secondary school, I did not get into University immediately unlike most of my mates.

I felt stuck. Each day felt like a year. As time ticked on I began losing the taste for things I once found exciting. Even my little self-confidence and esteem began to erode.

Time moved slowly for me – I wanted it to go faster because I wanted to write another exam and get into the University. 

But life doesn’t care what we want, does it?

It was frustrating and stifling. Yet.., somehow I manage to not just endure but to thrive and become better in the “rut”

And now I would love to share with you how I did it.

How To Get Out Of A Rut A Better Version Of Yourself

  • Believe In Something Bigger Than Yourself: Coming from a non-secular family, we have been taught to consider God and his perfect plan for us. So I did. I believed everything was happening for a purpose and God (the Universe) had a higher/better plan. This belief took away the burden of sadness, anxiety, and guilt I felt.
  • Surround Yourself With Positive And Helpful People: My household had my back, and so did my little circle of friends. They by no means made me feel less for not being in college at the time. They were generous with encouragement and made me laugh amidst the circumstances. You would almost forget your troubles when you are in the congress of positive people.
  • Get Busy: I Learned how to bake from my mother and even sold some within the neighborhood. I worked at a Bottled Water factory and also taught in a Secondary school. Being engaged and also earning little rewards is a great source of fulfillment; so much so that some people find themselves unable to let go of work. The point is, that a productive mind and an active body are less vulnerable to deteriorating thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn A Skill: I picked up and mastered the skills of dancing and playing the acoustic guitar during this period I felt stuck in life. These skills not only kept me engaged, enthusiastic, and hopeful but also made me some money. Engaging yourself productively with a hobby, or learning how to perform a new activity, sharpens your mind and reassures you that your body is magnificent
  • Master Patience: I used to be inpatient, although that is one virtue any smart human would admonish – be patient! Worrying, whining, or beating yourself up would not change anything; rather it will create extra chaos and ache for you. But being patient doesn’t do anything to the situation either. So, why is it important to master patience? It is because patience preserves your emotional and psychological well-being in the depths of the quicksand of life. The fact is you would occasionally feel stuck in life. I know this because even after college I still experienced it. It’s a feeling that comes with the human wish to grow up, step up, and level up. You must be patient whilst undergoing this growth

And the snail understands this. On every occasion it feels stuck in life, trapped in a rut, or caught up in a horse race, it goes back into its shell for a reformation, waiting patiently, then continues its voyage afterward at its pace.

So learn from the Snail.

A mindful self-help writer and photographer

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