10 Books That May Change How You See The World And Yourself [W/ Summary, Discussion, and Big Ideas]


On the 7th of July 2023, we had a Twitter Space about books that will change how you see the world and yourself. The space was recorded and you can click on the link to listen to it. 

Note: I, the author of this post, have not read some of the books discussed here, and will indicate when we come across those. Also, the post only discussed the ideas that stood out to us, it is not all that these books have to offer you.

How to Stop Lying: 10 Steps for Overcoming the Habit of Lying

lying is the friend of evil How to Stop Lying 10 Steps for Overcoming the Habit of Lying

According to research, disinhibited (or impulsive) and antagonistic (or aggressive) people are more prone to lie than any other group of people. Interestingly, those are also the two key characteristics of psychopathy. In other words, people with psychopathic tendencies find it easier to lie than others.

Yet, it is people with less emotional stability that go on to lie on and on to conceal information or to advance their own interests.

Resisting Money Obsession: 10 Steps to Appreciate Your True Value While Building A Meaningful Life  

Money Obsession Steps to Appreciate Your True Value While Building A Meaningful Life money can blind men to the things that matter most

Imagine seeing your teenage friends living the complete opposite of your humble life. They seem to have it all together, excelling in their careers, getting hitched, building homes, splurging on whatever they desire, travelling to fancy destinations, and capturing those picture-perfect moments of their seemingly perfect lifestyles. It’s hard not to compare yourself, especially when society constantly equates your worth and success with the size of your bank account or the things you own. That wasn’t a mere thought experiment. It’s my story…

Askophobia: 5 Tips To Overcome Your Fear of Asking For What You Want

Askophobia Overcome Your Fear of Asking For What You Want ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and it will be opened

Do you remember that thing you badly wanted but were too scared to ask for? Perhaps you wanted to ask for a raise, help, or even sex. Perhaps you knew there was nothing inherently wrong with the ask, and that a yes could be the best thing that would happen to you all day, week, or month, yet askophobia – the crippling fear of asking for what you want – froze you on your tracks.

Pistanthrophobia: Overcome Your Fear of Trusting Others With These 10 Tips

Pistanthrophobia Overcome Your Fear of Trusting Others With These 10 Tips

Pistanthrophobia is the severe fear of not being able to trust others because you’ve been through some serious disappointments in the past or experienced some soul-crushing end of a friendship or relationship. 

People with pistanthrophobia have likely been burned before. So, they put up this massive wall around themselves because they’re terrified of getting hurt all over again.

5 Ways To Prevent Betrayal From Friends

Betrayal only comes from friends ways to prevent betrayal from friends

Trust isn’t as simple as it’s often portrayed. Some people might have good reasons not to trust those around them. It’s even harder to trust when you’ve been betrayed again and again. Any sensible person wouldn’t want to keep getting hurt. Nevertheless, it becomes a problem when you always believe that no one is reliable.

Atelophobia: Conquer Your Fear of Imperfection with These 5 Tips

Atelophobia Conquer Your Fear of Imperfection with These 5 Tips imperfection is beauty madness is genius and ridiculous is better than boring

Atelophobia is a relatively common phobia, and even though it is an abnormal/excessive desire to be perfect, it is usually not a life sentence. The fear of disappointing people is a problem that hides in plain sight, masquerading as a positive trait. It will often feel as though acting out those behaviours were in your best interests, but they aren’t.

How To Overcome  Shyness [And Attract People]

How To Overcome Shyness And Attract People shyness has a strange element of Narcissism a belief that how we look or act is important to other people

A shy person is someone who often feels uncomfortable or scared in social situations. They may be nervous, self-conscious, or insecure, which makes it difficult for them to interact with others or express their emotions. This anxiety stems from their concerns about how they will be perceived or treated by others. However, being shy is not necessarily a negative quality.