Resisting Money Obsession: 10 Steps to Appreciate Your True Value While Building A Meaningful Life  

Money Obsession Steps to Appreciate Your True Value While Building A Meaningful Life money can blind men to the things that matter most

Imagine seeing your teenage friends living the complete opposite of your humble life. They seem to have it all together, excelling in their careers, getting hitched, building homes, splurging on whatever they desire, travelling to fancy destinations, and capturing those picture-perfect moments of their seemingly perfect lifestyles. It’s hard not to compare yourself, especially when society constantly equates your worth and success with the size of your bank account or the things you own. That wasn’t a mere thought experiment. It’s my story…

Pistanthrophobia: Overcome Your Fear of Trusting Others With These 10 Tips

Pistanthrophobia is the severe fear of not being able to trust others because you’ve been through some serious disappointments in the past or experienced some soul-crushing end of a friendship or relationship. 

People with pistanthrophobia have likely been burned before. So, they put up this massive wall around themselves because they’re terrified of getting hurt all over again.

How To Overcome  Shyness [And Attract People]

A shy person is someone who often feels uncomfortable or scared in social situations. They may be nervous, self-conscious, or insecure, which makes it difficult for them to interact with others or express their emotions. This anxiety stems from their concerns about how they will be perceived or treated by others. However, being shy is not necessarily a negative quality.

How To Build Social Connections (With 13 Conversation Ideas)

Building genuine friendships can be challenging, even for extroverted young adults. In a world dominated by social media, where surface-level interactions prevail, it’s crucial to understand the value of true connection. That’s why in this piece, we’ll look into how to build social connections (both online, and in real life). 

The Authentic Self: How To Understand  And Be Your True Self.

I’m not always my authentic self. Many of what I say or write are stolen ideas from people who are smarter and better than me. Most folks are like me, though I think they go too far and don’t admit it. They use face apps to make themselves look like ageless dolls, or write fake profiles to attract attention. They even lie about their family status just to fit in with the cool kids. It’s sad but almost a norm now. 

Why Exposure to Different Perspectives Leads To Growth [And How To Become More Open-Minded]

Holding onto fixed beliefs and perceptions can provide stability, a sense of identity, and direction/purpose; but like fishing in a small pond when you have an entire ocean to explore – it can limit your growth and hinder your ability to learn and evolve. That is why it is important to be more open-minded and consider other people’s perspectives.

Separation Anxiety In Young Adults [And 3 Ways To Overcome It]

Separation anxiety is a feeling of fear and emotional distress when a person is separated from a familiar or beloved individual, thing, or environment. 

Separation anxiety when left unchecked and challenged can become a disorder. That is, “Separation Anxiety Disorder” (SAD), which can affect or prevent an individual from carrying out their usual activities. Although commonly associated with babies and young children, it can also affect adults.