Love Is Not Enough [When/Why Love Alone Is Not Enough]3 min read

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Some say “Love conquers all”. Others say “love is not enough”. But I just want to love.

I gently opened the envelope containing the result of the Laboratory investigation. It was the fifth time in two days, from five different Laboratories.

The result was the same: “Genotype-AS”

I felt condemned. It felt like life was mocking my life was about to end. 

Tears rolled down my cheek.

The Lab Scientist consoled me emphatically.

I imagine the other patients in the waiting room must have wondered if I was told I had HIV, Cancer, or some other horrible ailment.

But at that moment, I wished it was any other disease in place of this – “Genotype AS”.

I heaved

My mind interpreted the boldly written Genotype as a wicked curse upon my life.

You may wonder why?

The result meant I could no longer continue my relationship with Kamsi.

I had always known my Genotype from childhood, and it didn’t give me any concern until after that kiss on a Saturday night in December 2015.

I remember smiling and saying “I will never let you go Kamsi..”.

Those were the words that held me bound to this union of “sweet-pain”.

Pain because after moments of ecstasy, the reality often hits hard: No one was going to allow us to get married.

She had Sickle Cell Anemia. And her Dad was the chairman of the Marriage Committee in the Local Church (there was no way such a man could allow the union of an AS and SS).

It was a whole world of resistance – resistance to our Love

On my end, I was studying to become a Medical Doctor – so I too knew better. But I didn’t want to believe… I didn’t want to give up that bittersweet Love.

The following months had me reading all the articles related to Genotypic Incompatibility in various Medical Journals and the advances by scientists in subverting the birth of Genotype SS children.

I got a few arguments and promising research. In my mind, I was armed with sufficient information and relevant facts, ready to convince or combat any adversary. Ready to keep this Love going forever

And, it did go on for a while.

However, things would take another turn when after a year of Love and Romance, the waxing and waning accompanying such unions ensued

Kamsi would fall in love with another young man, break up with me and move on with her life.

Just like that?!

“I can’t risk it,” she said. “Love is not enough, how about our children?

I was broken. Crushed. Devastated. Dejected. You name it

Yes, I feared it was bound to happen, but why now? 

I lived in denial for days after that, moving from one Medical Laboratory to another, hoping for a miracle – hoping it was a mistake – hoping my Genotype was somehow AA

The miracle came. 

But not how I wished.

After my outburst of tears, the Lab scientist spoke to me. He spoke with Pain as he recanted his experience. His first two children had SS genes. It was anything but pleasant, affordable, or lovely

So, when he said “Young man, Love is not enough“, I knew right then that I had to move on.

That was the miracle, the liberating power of those words – “Love is not enough”.

It gave me the strength to move on.

It’s been 3 years now and I haven’t loved anyone else.

But, from time to time a question still pops up in my mind,

Is love really not enough?”

I’ll be waiting for your thoughts and comments

Nwuze Nmeso is a young Nigerian who has recently discovered his love for well pieced works of art. Writing in particular.

He is a Medical Doctor that derives a pleasurable flight from work in the pages of literary works.

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