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Humans undoubtedly are the most powerful creatures on the surface of the planet, but this power isn’t ascribed to our brute, speed, beauty or our intelligence either. it is rather the direct result of our ability to come together as groups and form large and complicated systems. Surviving and thriving in this system requires some basic skills, and here I just listed three skills you must learn to live a good life




Due to how massive this subject is I will be referring you to the best books written under each skill.

like they say, you don’t have to reinvent the wheels. so, consider this more like a direction than the main, you know, lessons

so, let us dive right in


This one is very essential, without any need for hype the importance of this skill is massive, it is really the only skill that separates the rich from the poor. even if you lack the other skills, this single skill has the potential of getting you as much material things as you want, but I can’t say much about your emotional or physical well being

It is basically about understanding how money works and how to make the most of this dynamic. No doubt the number one place to get the best and tested advice for this skill is in the book “RICH DAD POOR DAD” by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Let me give you a hint of what this book is about; it basically emphasizes that you should avoid anything that consumes your money (lets say that 10k watch) and you should rather focus on things that get you more money ( a good example would be paying to learn a skill that you can cash out later or maybe even investing in a promising business with that 10k)

However, if you would love to learn this skill from a prehistoric man named Arkad then you should probably check out the book “THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON” by George S. Clason.

The book borders on clearing your debt and making your own money work for you, a term you would come to understand better as you start your journey on the path of financial education

And finally on this section, if you are okay with strong language, the more modern way of saying things, and love watching hours of YouTube content , then I suggest you check out “Dan Lok” and “GaryVee”, just search their names on youtube , you would receive tons upon tons of advice that could get you rolling

after consuming these materials and applying them, you are sure to see improvements with time.

and Oh..before I forget, here’s one of Dan Loks Youtube Videos d

Dan Lok deciphering the difference between the rich and the poor

And here’s one of Gary Vee’s

and heres GarryVee


Before you start your lessons in this aspect of life, I just want to tell you that this particular skill requires honesty, you must be honest with yourself then to others.

Most people never develop this skill, and it’s the reason so many things are going wrong in society. For a start, why do people argue? if right and wrong were so clearly defined, why don’t every person just see this and do what’s right?. 

It has to do with you knowing yourself and being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. With this skill, you are sure to live a good life despite the chaos and uncertainties that life brings.

The kind of books that teach this skill is called “self-help books”. So I’ll give you a list. all the books listed here are books I’ve personally read and have found helpful.

they are also bestsellers, so there are like millions of people who recommend them too.

  1. “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero
  2. “the subtle art of not giving a fuck” by Mark Manson
  3. “Rejection Proof” by Jia Jiang
  4. “Mindfulness” by Ellen J. Langer
  5. “Laws of Human Nature” by Robert Green

If you love reading blogs instead then check out

emotional maturity


This has to do with your ability to interact with the people around you. This is one of the hardest skills I had to learn, and I’m still learning.

Almost as important as financial skill, this skill would help you get to the top in whatever place you find yourself.

The truth is, your social skill is as important as your certificate, maybe even better. you just can’t do without it

remember the scientists call humans “social animals”, and there is a good reason for that.

here are my top recommendations. there are always more, but start with these

  1. “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie; it’s a very nice book, with lots of real-life examples, this book is sure to open your eyes to how great men are born, how they climbed up the social ladder by being more, you know, social
  2. “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green; the knowledge in this book is almost dark, unsettling but true.with countless examples of how things can go wrong or right if you do or don’t do certain things. This book usually succeeds in getting me moody every time I open it, but its totally worth it
  3. “phycology of persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini; I just thought maybe you should know about this book, really, you must know what’s inside of this book the name alone should be persuading enough

And finally


This skill is ignored, its funny how the rise of the internet and the onslaught of the social media got us exposed to a plethora of information yet very few people actually get to the sweet spots because they are lost in the smoke screens and noise

Most times people use autocorrect options and others simply ignore spellings and go for abbreviations, this is really disturbing, I personally avoid using abbreviations as much as possible and in a way, it has made my writing better and has exposed me to new vocabularies

I recommend you visit these blogs as often as possible to help to develop your writing skills

i also recommend you read books.

reading more is the only way to develop your reading skills, and you need it more than you think

CONCLUSION by the Pawn

I really don’t know what to say here,

ignore this chicken

just make sure you develop yourself as Oscar Wilde said

The aim of life is self-development.To realize ones nature perfectly- that is what each of us is here for

Oscar Wilde

Those are the top skills to live a good life. really, thats just all.

Dick David is a freelance SEO content writer and editor with over 7 years of experience in content writing, digital marketing, and sales. He is the founder of Pawns Digital Agency. Throughout his career, he has authored over 4 books, published hundreds of SEO articles attracting thousands of monthly visitors, ghostwritten numerous works, and edited hundreds of content pieces across various industries. Currently, he works with Robert Taylor Media and has also worked with Tobi Digitals and Branditechture Design Agency, among others.

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