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Many people want to be popular and loved. They want everyone’s attention, and for everyone to do what they wish, and in the process of craving so much attention, they get annoying, then hated. That is why I want to show you how to make everyone like you, and even worship you. And, who else can we learn from other than the most loved person in the world – Jesus Christ?

Don’t worry, this is not a religious post – you can call it a case study, or whatever… Anyway, here we go:

3 STEPS TO MAKE EVERYONE LIKE YOU INSTANTLY – Lessons From The Ministry of Jesus Christ 

There is this very popular story in the Bible where Jesus told a group of men that he would upgrade their status from being mere fishermen to being fishers of men. This passage of the scripture has been analyzed and used to promote ideas such as obedience and trust owing to the attitude of the fishermen. But, what many people fail to realize is that He – Jesus – first fished those men before making them fishers of men – that is, he first changed their attitude towards him, before recruiting them to his ministry.

The story begins where some fishermen were coming back from a completely unsuccessful fishing trip, and met Jesus at the shores of the river. According to the Bible, Jesus told the fishermen to cast their net to the right side of the boat – promising them a huge catch. Now, considering these highly skilled fishermen had gone all day without any catch, it was preposterous to think that there was a huge catch, or any catch at all, at the bank of the river.

Nevertheless, they did as he instructed. They cast the net into the banks – a place with a ridiculously low probability of having any school in it. The results? The most insane catch they had ever seen in their entire career as fishermen. It was now then, and only then, Jesus made a demand from them: 

“come with me, and I would make you a fisher of men” 

– Jesus Christ (The Bible: Mathew 4:19).


The point is, Jesus had to first gift these men fish (he gave them an abundance of fish that made their net literally break) before asking them for their support in his ministry. Given the huge “void of reciprocation” created by the gift, it was only natural for them to give him a fair chance, to consider his offer, to attempt to fill that void – to reciprocate.

And, even when you step out of the realm of miracle fishes, and you drilled down to the core of everything, it would appear that every other thing still obeys the same principle. You must lose something to gain something – burn chemical for thrust, break atoms for energy, plant seed to reap fruits.

If you want a friend, you won’t just stop a stranger on the street and ask them to be friends with you. You would at least compliment them – which is a form of a gift – before proceeding to tell them that you would like to meet with them some other time. In certain settings, you might want to first buy someone a meal, pay for a ride, or simply defend someone. 

Talking about defending someone, even Jesus was seen defending a prostitute (The Bible: John 8:7). And what did she do? She washed Jesus’s feet using an expensive perfume and her long hair as the wipe (The Bible: John 12:2)… After which she followed him all the days of her life (even till his death and resurrection (The Bible: Mathew 28:1-10) – and probably even in heaven as we speak). This is the apex of recruitment. Gifts don’t always have to be money and diamonds, compliments, and “other small things” can go a long way.

If you are observant, you would realize that most companies offer free trials (for 14-30 days, “no credit card required”). Some even go as far as giving you a portion of the product entirely for free – until you need an upgrade or extra feature (Aka. Premium Plans). It is common sense, but not everyone seems to possess it.


The next phase is to appeal to the person’s interest. It is in speaking to their hearts and doing so in their language. In the story of the fishermen, Jesus didn’t ask them to be his accountant, or bodyguard (which they ended up becoming – under the title of “disciples”). He rather asked them to be “FISHERS of men”. Noticed the word “FISHERS”? 

You have to structure your requests in a way that suits the other person – you have to speak in a way they understand. Jesus could be found eating and drinking with gluttons and drunkards respectively (The Bible: Matthew 11:19). This is because there wasn’t any more effective way he would have spread his message of love if he didn’t bring himself to mingle with the people the message was for. 

There is great wisdom in playing trap music rather than classical music if you aim to sell to young and impressionable young people. There is wisdom in using slang, and following trends – like, Twitter trends, or some other trend. The idea is to be like water – always taking the shape of the vessels you find yourself.

“To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law”. 

– Apostle Paul (The Bible: 1 Corinthians 9:20)


And, the final step is to ask with all audacity. Jesus wasn’t stuttering when he was making his request – “Come with me…” – he just went straight to the point. But that’s not all. He didn’t just make a demand because he had given something earlier, he made a demand with a greater promise attached – “…and I will make you fishers of men.”. It was a deal.

This format is ingrained in almost all of his communication. He is either promising mansions in heaven or eternal elation in paradise (The Bible: John 14:2). And remember these promises were made to people who could barely afford to feed themselves – remember they followed him about, even into wildernesses, hoping for bread and fish (The Bible: Matthew 14: 13-21).

The point is, even after giving at first contact, speaking their language, and making a demand, it would behoove you to promise them something greater if they granted your wish. It’s like promising to bring back interests on a loan, or simply stating that the artwork you just drew for them would make their loved one love them even more – and forever since the art would not be consumed, nor need an upgrade, unlike cakes or gadgets. And yes, I am an artist.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a “manipulative-two-tongued-lying prick”. What this means is that you need to be willing to go out there and do things that benefit everyone. If you are trying to get something that would benefit only you – or even greater benefit you – you won’t be very successful. You must make offers and requests that when considered, would greatly benefit the other person – they must see that they have greater to gain by doing your biddings than not doing it.

This is why people do not like helping beggars. Most beggars want to take something for nothing. If only they could learn to demand like investors – who promise gains; don’t get me wrong, what I am trying to point out is that it would profit them greatly if they offered to do simple tasks like washing, cleaning, or whatever they can lay their hands on.

But, let’s not dwell on that topic – I realize that there is more to it than meets the eyes. 

However, the central point in this whole writing is, learn to create so much value in yourself (and your business or brand) that people would be more than willing to join you, pay you, hire you, or employ you.

If you fail to give quality – time, energy, skill, knowledge, etcetera – you would struggle to receive. Be like Jesus. Be someone superman today – sorry, I meant savior. Yeah, that’s better. Be someone’s savior. 


The beauty of this wisdom is that it can be applied in all aspects of life with stunning results.

Lets consider a few


We can all agree that relationships are valuable. We love them and we want to see them smile. That is why it is our duty to see to it that that aspect of our lives flourishes.

If you want to maximize each moment you spend with your loved ones, then you have to adopt the mentality of Jesus. You want to be the person who has everyone at heart. The person who asks after their wellbeing, supports, and encourages them.

You want to be the one who assists them in archiving their dreams – by showing support – and in return, you would gain the love you want. You would gain peace of mind. You would have smiling faces around you.

This is not to say you should start shouldering other peoples responsibilities. No. What it means is that you should be there when they need you. If you have a spouse – a lover – you want to be emotionally and physically available for them. You want to encourage their dreams and help in whatever way you can.

If you already have kids, things would be great if you help give them a good life – send them to school, teach them wisdom, and defend them in times of troubles.

If you can be their number 1 fan, they too would be there cheering you when the time comes. As with every good thing in life, when you give it out – when you give out love – you get it back a thousand fold.


You would agree with me that many business owners – especially marketers – are insufferable. They barrage you with adverts – pressing you to buy to the point of harassment. That is no way to run a business that people would love.

Really think about it, would you buy from a total stranger who has shown no particular interest in your well-being? You surely would be skeptical, and even afraid of being scammed, or maybe getting a poor service. That is why it is essential to give people a reason to trust and like you. And, most times, it starts with giving out something for free.

Look at the really successful companies and ask how they are doing it. Are they always trying to shuffle their products down your throat? I think not. They are constantly trying to make better products, and give you more value for your money – at least, most of the time.

The fact is, happy customers make for good business. Try making one person insanely happy today, and see what happens. Learn to give free thing – free trials, recommendation, tips, tricks, hacks, etcetera.

I usually have free previews for my books. It’s a strategy that works wonders.


Students have a lot of challenges – a lot of things to worry about. Not only are they concerned about their academics, they are also concerned about their relationships, money, and the future at large. This means, they need help. It means you need help (that is, if you’re a student).

You can still use this principle to get people to like and support you in those areas of your life. If you are kind enough to put someone through on a particular math problem, they would be more than glad to help you out with the Chemistry.

In your relationships (in school), if you are nice to people, they too would be nice to you. If you show love, you get love. It always comes around – though not always from the person you just helped, loved, or supported.

Talking about school, there is a book that teaches young people how to overcome their academic, relationship and money challenges. That is, it shows them how not to fail exams, be lonely, or broke. It’s all about school – a must read for students. Find out more by clicking here

Okay, that would be all for today, I’m exhausted, and really hope you got the idea.

And please let me know what you think (after reading), and don’t forget to share 😉

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