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Today I saw something frightening…

I saw childhood: kids beside me

An older kid got pissed his younger one was playing with his rubber wristwatch – something I would consider a toy at my current age – and commanded him to hand it over.

The younger kid delayed – it was a form of subtle defiance of the older.

I could see the rage grow in the older kid as he attempted to snatch the watch violently, but failed.

The rubber watch dropped to the floor. It had only been dislodged from the grips of the younger kid.

The older kid once again commanded to be given the watch. But as expected, he was disobeyed.

However, a third kid – who had been watching all along – picked up the watch and gave it to the older kid. He was not thanked – not by the older nor by the younger kid.

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    Great article… A greater intelligence


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