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Here are 40 THINGS KING SOLOMON THOUGHT ABOUT LIFE Solomon also called Jedidiah, was, according to the Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, Quran, and Hadiths, a fabulously wealthy and wise king of Israel who succeeded his father, King David.

Solomon is also the subject of many other later references and legends, some claiming that he was a sorcerer with magical powers having a magic ring and key.

Reading through Wikipedia you begin to wonder if he ever really existed or was just fabricated to make an interesting story. Anyway, the Legend Solomon had some hard-hitting wisdom which is undeniably useful for living a good life.

For whatever reason, several religions found it necessary to convey their age-long pearls of wisdom through the personality of the man called Solomon.

Looking at only the Bible, for instance, we find Solomon beginning the outpouring of his wisdom by stating

The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge

Solomon – From the book of Proverbs in the Bible

This particular insisting in the fear of Jehova could be seen bearing much weight in the large spectrum of his words throughout his books in the Bible.

All of King Solomon’s teachings have a subtle way of reminding the reader that the way a person thinks is more important than what is being thought of. This is seen as he almost completely breaks down emotionally in the Ecclesiastes, saying that everything is the same and everyone experiences the same thing generation after generation with the only difference being what is being chased after.

It is after admitting the meaninglessness of life that he comes to the conclusion that there is nothing better than for a person to enjoy the rewards of his labor which he had toiled justly for.

A way of thinking which adds both joy and peace to the short existence of man – meditating on our common mortality

Note that he always insisted that the works of a man should be just and right because he follows the formula of fearing Jehovah whom he declares would judge all the works of men at the end

Below are all the salient points I could gather from his teachings in the books; Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the songs of Solomon.

King Solomon on hid throne

40 lessons from King Solomons writings

here are the 40 lessons from King Solomons writings

  1. Always work hard and you will never lack
  2. Avoid cheating with anyone or on your partner, this might be a matter of life and death, plus you risk your reputation by indulging in such acts
  3. Avoid prostitutes, they have both financial, health, and social consequences that outweigh the pleasure
  4. Be wary of excessive drinking
  5. Be watchful of the things you say, always.
  6. Avoid debt as much as possible
  7. Be careful who you pledge for, especially when you don’t know them too well, because the ransom would be demanded of you if they fail to comply, and you must pay.
  8. Start and manage your own business
  9. Be generous.
  10. Avoid getting wealth by any evil means. Which includes any means that hurts your fellow humans.
  11. Don’t deceive people, they would find out, and your reputation would suffer.
  12. Remember to take care of your emotional needs
  13. Love your family and keep them close
  14. Always keep learning, wisdom is never fully attained, the chase is actually wisdom on its own.
  15. Be mindful of the people you associate with.
  16. Seek advice and then plan
  17. Money would provide all your needs, but sometimes you need more than money, you need wisdom and a good reputation too
  18. Manage your anger
  19. Don’t ignore the flaws of the people you love. Point it out to them and punish when necessary
  20. Admit when you are wrong
  21. Avoid challenging authorities or even complaining about them
  22. Forget about revenge
  23. Don’t squander money
  24. Trust Jehovah
  25. Always be just in your doings
  26. Eat and drink, enjoy the rewards of your handwork and rejoice
  27. Luck is real
  28. Listen to warnings as well as advice (statistics and books are a good source of those these days)
  29. Be careful when making pledges to both Men and God
  30. Remember you can never be satisfied
  31. Guard your reputation
  32. Don’t take everything to heart.
  33. Don’t be extremely righteous or wicked
  34. The time is never right, just do it
  35. Fear God and keep his commandments
  36. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and affection
  37. Adorn yourself with good clothes and wear nice perfumes
  38. Don’t forget the jewelry, look, good dear
  39. Flatter the ones you love
  40. When it doesn’t concern you don’t get overly invested in other people’s problems

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