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People take life too seriously nowadays, making it seem like you must be this super-human-alien-robot before you can achieve anything in life, I beg to differ

I’m going to go straight to the point, and the point is – decision is a process

and you could make it worth your while and even enjoy it rather than let it give you head aches and cripple you every time you think of it

Huge life changing decisions are just like asking out a crush, yeah, you read that right, it’s just like opening up to your crush and telling them how you feel


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To many fellas asking out a girl they really like is like asking them to leap from the top of six stories building without a parachute, no matter how fun you promise them it would be, they just won’t do it

So here I’m going to write on how to ask out your crush (make your decision) and enjoy the entire experience


I’ll make a short illustration, but it’s still about decision

You see, talking to the girl of your dreams would require some balls and real guts, and those balls have to be titanium, it’s those titanium balls that are required in making decisions

When you randomly compliment people, you don’t feel little emotional pressure and soon throwing nice compliments become rudimentary to you, and when you stand in front of your crush those words would flow easily (or easier).

Like asking out your crush, ability to make decisions is something that you’ve got to develop over time, making the decision to embark on a life threatening (or changing) quest can only be made if you’ve taken less life-threatening steps and have seen them through

Confidence is not just born with people, they build it, and confidence is a sexy thing to have, it makes people flock around you, people can smell it, and if you’re going to take any huge step in life you’ll be needing an overdose of that confidence


  1. ASKING HER OUT-you’ve gotten to the point of no return

The thing that scares people about telling someone their feelings is that you can’t take back what you said, after telling your feelings the person knows exactly how you feel while all you have is hope, and fear (fear because you are now vulnerable and can be rejected or even manipulated)


Decisions aren’t so much different


A decision involves choosing a curse of action, it means discarding and eliminating all other options to follow a course of action.

If you decided to do your best in an exam, it means you’ve decided to cut of time wastage which could involve all the fun things you like to do like playing games, hanging out, partying, sleeping etcetera

If you decided to start a business it means cutting off your job security (no more regular salary – if your business fails you starve)


But not to worry, just like asking out your crush this process could be made easier, it all depends on how you approach things

Decisions are an active process, it would have times they feel horrible and times they feel great

Sometimes she needs persuasion, sometimes she just needs time to come around

When a decision is made everything doesn’t just fall into place, you must make it work, you’ve go to stand by that decision till it works out and becomes exactly what you’ve imagined

Note; successful people quickly make decisions and slowly change their decisions if they ever do change them. There are countless stories of successful people- quitting was never their moto.

  1. LETTING HER GO-changing decisions

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As much as it hurts to admit, we do not always make the right choices, and those choices end up hurting us-but that’s a good thing


When we make wrong choices, we learn so that next time we could make better choices

There’s no need killing yourself over someone who doesn’t feel the same way for you, BEGGING FOR LOVE or forcing things is a bad move

It is true that successful people stand by their decisions but that is applicable when that decision is in the right directions and is simply only facing obstacles

You have to understand the difference between a wrong decision and a decision facing opposition.



Hey, this post wasn’t about your crush (lol),

Remember the steps

  • Build your muscles to make decisions by making smaller, less scary ones, like deciding what to eat, when to eat , when to leave etc
  • Then translate those experiences to your big decision having in mind that things may not just work out perfectly, but you have to stand by it as long as it is worth it (the context could differ, I can’t say much about how long you have to persevere, but Note that successful people slowly and seldom change their choices)
  • And finally, admit wrong choices and move on to make better ones taking your experience with you

That wasn’t so hard was it…


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Ill love to hear your opinions about the topic, use the comment sections, don’t hesitate to shear, you might just be helping someone, thanks

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