HOW TO NEVER FORGET ANYTHING AGAIN-embracing   weakness for strength4 min read

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We’ve all had that moment when we had something very important to commit to memory, it may be a name, an instruction or something that has a deadline, something we know is important and actually did take important, BUT, we totally forgot about it

it’s a weakness, don’t worry I found a cure for that but just like Dettol it works only 99%

You will find strength in your weakness


One of the greatest lies people tells themselves is “I’ll remember that”, and when they wish to do something they say to themselves “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll surely remember it”, “its dear to me” (Spoiler Alert: its not important to your brain)

The human brain is a very sophisticated machine, complex and extremely powerful, it is able to gracefully manage our dreams, realities, illusions, imaginations, emotions, thoughts and even carry out reflex actions ranging from a beating heart to blinking eyes, coupled with our own voluntary actions

It is indeed very effective, but not that accurate

You see, the thing about the human mind(brain), is that it is designed to keep you alive, that is its main purpose, it does this by avoiding the actions that brings us pain and embracing the actions that brings us pleasure/satisfaction – it is really that simple

When new ideas pop up they stay at the top priority in our mind, they have the attention of the mind and are considered important, so that heart rates may change, and sweating may be triggered depending on the situation, however if this idea or thought gets neglected the mind instantly pushes it away seeking more urgent tasks to handle, the thought or idea would only get called up again if something triggers it (and it is that something that we are concerned about)

Considering the dynamics of the mind, it can be said that the mind is like a ship, a very big and fast-moving ship and like all ships it needs sails and steering for control

STEERING THE MIND-gaining traction of your mind

At this point you must be wondering what the darn solution is

The answer is; acting on subtle reminders

It doesn’t really matter what you’re up to, it may be a decision to start up a business, stop a bad habit, return someone’s book, work out, eat early, go out more often etcetera

Subtle reminders are the key

There’s a reason the holy places are adorned with holy objects and symbols, there’s a reason gold is used when showing sales adverts, there’s a reason people wear black during funerals and there’s a reason Facebook is Blue (and would continue to remain blue)

The two things you have to do in order to never forger are

  1. Position subtle reminders
  2. Act on those subtle reminders at the spot

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Having a good notepad is priceless, it may be an application on your phone, a software on your system, or an actual old school notebook at hand where you quickly write down thoughts as they emerge, the things you can’t fulfil at the time the idea/instruction came

Taking note of these ideas and tasks would ease the burden of remembering, plus the details of the idea/instruction can no longer be lost. Just make sure the reminders are in a place where you regularly visit/come across, maybe the front of your door or fridge or maybe the notification panel of your device or the desktop of your PC.

The plan is to keep the activity to be performed right in front of you and not at the back of your mind


Another useful thing to do is to execute the action as soon as the thought(s) bumps into your head, or as your subtle reminders remind you

One thought that would help reduce your procrastination is to accept who you really are,

You see the thing about humans is that they don’t have a single personality, there is no rigid personality, at certain places with certain people an individual would behave in a certain way different from the way he would act in and with another

Take a drunk guy for example, or someone in a family reunion, or a party, or an official gathering, or a religious gathering or work….by now you mind must have surely painted different pictures of one individual

your behaviour is dynamic

It only makes sense if you maximize every of your personality as they come phasing in

When a thought comes up, even if you don’t feel like but you know you can, just go ahead and start you’ll be surprised how much you would get absorbed into the activity (it works better than magic; its like procrastinating your procrastinations, that’s two procrastinations to enjoy, surely you can do this one with relish)


This long article was written immediately I woke up, I haven’t even left the bed, I didn’t feel like writing, but my laptop served as a subtle reminder and I just started the article because the thought came, and I worked with it, now this article if over 800+ words

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