3 Weird Lessons (From Observing Kids) That May Unlock Your Dream Life.8 min read

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I’ve been on holiday for about 3 weeks now. And I spent it with 7 children whose ages range from 0 to 13.

Now (the holiday is over), here are the 3 weird lessons I think every adult can learn from kids (that may just unlock their wildest dreams).

#1 You Suck:

We all suck at first.

For example, when I was a baby I didn’t know how to talk or even walk, but I didn’t give up; I wasn’t embarrassed. I just kept practicing till I could walk and speak comfortably…

I didn’t know how to draw. But today I am a professional artist.

I didn’t know how to write. But today I am an author.

And so on.

You were also like me. 

You sucked.

You will always suck at first.

Until one day you will stop sucking.

The more things you can suck at, the more things you can become awesome at.

But you can never be awesome without sucking.

It’s all about being okay with sucking.

Start that thing. 

Strangers may laugh at you.

Family may laugh at you 

Your lover may laugh at you.

I may even laugh at you.

But don t let that deter you

Join in the laughter

Keep laughing till you start becoming impressed.

Then keep being proud of yourself till you forget how awesome you’ve gotten.

Just like you’ve forgotten how awesome it is to recite the alphabet, count numbers, or even read.


When you’ve gotten bored with how trivial things now are, you can try sucking at something new so everyone can have another round of laughter

Stop whining about not being good at it.

Stop being scared of sucking

Just do it.

#2 You Are The Kid:

There is no creature on earth as curious as humans – especially kids.

Have you met those little monsters?

My gosh! 

They will ask you to explain something, then ask you to explain a word you used in the explanation. Then they’ll ask you to explain a word you used in explaining the explanation of the explanation you were explaining earlier.

It’s a nightmare.

I don’t like conversing with kids when I’m hungry because I’m already too drained to get drained any further. 


When I’m full of energy and have free time, I can go on for hours. 

But, I’ve never outlasted a kid, ever

It’s crazy.

Kids have brains that never seem to get overloaded.


They look up to anyone older than they are as an unlimited source of information.

They expect you to know everything, literally.

They think you are an encyclopedia. 

But you are not.

You are as ignorant as they are on the large scale of things.

Worse, you are not even sure of all you think you know.


I know something better than an encyclopedia.

It has all the answers, doesn’t get exhausted,  and is certain about it all. 

It is your phone – connected to the internet

It can access the information of the whole of humanity – of all the human beings that have ever lived, and will eventually hold all of those that will be born (or made) in the future.

It should be the one being barraged with questions.

It should be the one kids look up to with their fiery curiosity.

And you can take the place of kids and direct your incessant questions to it.

Because you still have those questions, don’t you?

Every day your mind ponders.

Rather than looking up to fellow humans who may not know any better than you do, and who can get tired of answering your questions, why not ask your phone to explain everything to you?

Don’t say, “I don’t know”

Say, “let me do some research online”.

Try it.

Take the position of a Kid and consult your phone.

There is boundless information online.

Learn to do your own research.

You’ll be amazed at what remarkable results you’ll find.

And I promise it will never complain, or run out of ideas, as I do.

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#3 You Are Impressionable:

I’ve probably spent more time with kids within the past 3 weeks than I’ve spent with kids all through my life.

I used to avoid touching or even being around kids.

I still feel a bit uneasy to date.

But, I think I’ve gotten used to it. 

I think kids are like little robots.

They just react to impulses.

They don’t have much experience.

They hardly have a “mind”.

If a kid tastes something nice, the only experience they have is the sweetness. So, it is very hard for them to see a reason not to go eat it the next time they see it

They can even collect what does not belong to them and feel happy about it


As we grow, we gain experience (by watching, reading, or hearing) of the myriad of ways taking what does not belong to us can lead to fights, jail, or death.

We essentially develop a mind – a set of instructions distilled from experiences.

So, we stop being impulsive.

The instructions in our minds steer us.

Yet, we seldom realize the plethora of ways our choices were, are, and will be influenced by our experiences.

We don’t appreciate just how impressionable we still are (even as adults)

We think we have outgrown being impressionable. 


Anyone who is into advertising and marketing knows this all too well. But we won’t get into all that now. If you wish to know more, ask your “phone”.

Being ignorant of this – of how impressionable they are – most people don’t curate the instructions that slip into their minds.

Consequently, the wide gamut of influencing factors in their environment runs their lives.

That is why you can find an entire family, society, or country stagnated, and even regressing. 

If the reverberating experience is, “Corruption is okay”, then that mindset plagues the country.

If the reoccurring experience is, “Violence is okay”, all members of the family indulge the idea (even the victims)

If the personal experience is, “Fear is okay”, it runs (impedes?) the individual’s life.

We are impressionable and experiences program our lives.

Our names, language, religion, etcetera were all drummed in during our childhood.

Thankfully, for most of us, our parents tried to instill only the best 

They tried to warn us of their mistakes, and advise us on what’s best.

Like, my Dad would always prioritize our education because he knew firsthand that physical labor was not the best route to a dream life

Sadly, most people still leave their minds open to external programming (even as an adult)

It’s terrible.

As you grow older – knowing that you are a product of the instructions that get into your mind – It is your duty to vigilantly guard your mind

You must reject the unhelpful ideas that are in your mind by questioning your limiting beliefs and fears


Instilling new helpful ideas by deciding what/who you want to become, then seeking the “instructions” that will program you to be that person. 

Thankfully there are endless resources from your “phone” (connected to the internet), that can help you both debunk and install ideas in your mind

In A Nutshell: You Can Instruct Yourself To Success:

In the beginning you will suck at this

You will find it hard to overcome your fears, biases, and bad habits.

Then, you will also struggle to instill confidence, upgrade your mindset, and develop good habits.

But you will get better. 

Things will get easier. 

Remember it is okay to suck at first

Look, you are now too big to listen to your Mama or Dada.

Not even your religious leader or President is smart enough to instruct you.

If you let this happen – if you still rely on others to give you instructions – you may be doing yourself a great disservice.

Instead, consult your phone, and it will reveal to you all you need to know.

Do you want to be rich? Ask your phone

Do you want to be Happy? Ask your phone

Do you want to be a Programmer? Again, ask your phone

Ask like a kid would interograte you

Ask, and ask, and ask till you understand everything – till you get the specific instruction that will help you create the life of YOUR DREAMS.

Don’t rely on Mama or Dada.

Don’t rely on a Coach. 

Don’t rely on anyone.

Not even on me.

Follow no one, trust yourself to find the answer

You may not find all the answers in one place, or for free.

It may cost you money. 

But aren’t you worth investing money into?


Do it 

Switch up your life

Grow Up, Level Up, Step Up.


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