A Writer and Editor Who Keeps It Simple (Yet Elegant)

Hello, I am Dick David.

I’m honored to have you here. 

I always tell my friends not to trust strangers on the internet.

Now I am a stranger on the internet and need to win over your trust.

So tell me, will a dozen reviews and recommendations be enough to convince you?

Reviews From Clients On Fiverr

I am no longer on Fiverr

I now serve my clients directly

This means

  • You don’t have to worry about extra fees, and
  • You can communicate with me using any means (texts audio videos or even sign language) and there are no sensors

It will be as though you were here with me

Clear and effective communication is key not just in relationships but in business too

Some Results I Have Given Clients

I don’t rely on luck

I follow best SEO practices

And write for the readers ensuring I answer their pressing questions

See how I do it below

Direct Link To Some Past Works

Over the years I’ve exercised my skills on my personal blog and have also demonstrated my expertise on a number of blogs (though many of my finest works has been as a Ghostwriter). 

Why You Should Hire Me

I am not only an SEO writer

I am also an editor

See how I edit below

Did I forget to share my selfie with you

This is a selfie of me in a small village in Nigeria.

My writing is arguably prettier than I.

Dick David - pawns.com.ng @iamdickdavid

I sound like a marketer with the rant and screenshots, but this is no snake oil.

You might be considering the cost of hiring me and how much you stand to gain from this transaction.


Well, that’s fine. It happens all the time – people are constantly weighing options against other options – no one is irreplaceable, right?


I’ll give you two reasons to help you make up your mind.

  1. I Am Committed To Seeing You Happy: I am playing for the long term. I want more than anything else for you to repeatedly hire me for your projects and even refer me to friends. hence I would do all that is within my power (and even beyond if need be) to see that you are smiling after this project.
  2. I Am An Artist: I have taste and value originality. I don’t like it when writers re-write content others have written and platitudes make me sick. Besides my in-depth knowledge and experience in the niches I chose to write about, I also do my due diligence (with long and grueling research).  And it is the secrete to the Wow experiences I give clients after clients… and the readers of course. 

I Have Earned Certifications

Google Digital Skill for Africa. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate for Dick David
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate by Google. Dick David
HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate. Dick David
HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate. Dick David

I’m am

  • A life long learner
  • Attentive to details
  • Responsive to feedback
  • Spontaneous, and
  • Fast. 


I've Even Written Books


I’m also an author of a number of books – you can find some on Amazon.

To me writing is not a job; it is an art and a gift,

Writing is my Ikigai – it is something I do and enjoy whether I get paid or not. 

I intend to write for the rest of my life, but freelancing is something I may abandon as I get more and more preoccupied with life…

So, while my services still last; perhaps you should get a taste of my writing– since it is assured to boost your business and brand

I have seen countless people psyched about my brand after reading a couple of my writings. It is a heartwarming experience that generates money too.

I’d like your audience to also be raving (ready-to-buy) fans of your brand.

Is that something you want?

If yes, don’t hesitate anymore to contact me.

Email Mrdickdavid@gmail.com


Click on the button below to message me on WhatsApp

By this time of the year, I usually have a couple of clients who have already placed their orders and are excitedly waiting for their deliveries, but if you are seeing this page, it means I’m still open to a few more orders. 

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