Stop Writing Crap!

Hello, I am Dick David an artist, writer, and thinker. And I have a gift for you at the bottom of this page. Enjoy 


I know you’ve been told that “content is king” therefore you should focus on putting out more and more content. 


Now, whilst the above statement is true, it is only half the equation.


Think about it, if you keep putting out shitty content all day long, and finally get ranked on Google, do you really think those readers would share your content (and remember, shareability is key when you’re looking to go viral). If no one deems your content worthy of being shared, how would it fly?


Besides, poorly written content would never convert those readers into raving fans, or *gulps* customers?


NO! it would never.


That is why getting a writer who can write contents which are…

  1. Easy to read (i.e. simple words, proper punctuation, and neat formatting)
  2. Verifiable (i.e. well-researched, evidence-based, and properly referenced)
  3. Respectful
  4. Conversational (i.e. not boring), and 
  5. Highly engaging

…is crucial.


But that’s not all.


What if you got a writer who was also very knowledgeable in Search Engine Optimization, so you never need to hire a separate SEO expert to take your content to the first pages of search engines (like Google, and Yahoo)?


Look, writing is beyond hammering a keyboard – it is a craft – it requires keen attention to intricate details – every consonant, vowel, letter, and punctuation matters. The position, difficulty, and sound of each word count. 


I’m talking about using rhymes, cliffhangers, anchoring, power words amongst several other phycological weapons in order to grab the readers by the throat and force them to read to the very – to see your offer, understand, and get influenced by it.


I’m not a regular writer. I mix creativity with psychology and strategy. Remember I told you I was “an artist, writer, and thinker”


No one has ever read my work and complained it was boring. Few may not agree with all I write – may be due to their special condition or situation – but they would never say it was boring, never.


And that is why clients after clients (who have hired me) have expressed their immense appreciation of my work(s).


But don’t let what they said to persuade you just yet; because you can actually see with your own eyes

Some Results I Have Given Clients

Or, Why don't You Read Some Past Works

Over the years I’ve sharpened my skills on my personal blog and have also demonstrated my expertise on a number of blogs (even though many of my finest works has been as a Ghostwriter). 

Why You Should Hire Me

Here is the thing; those weren’t even my best works.


Like I always say, for me it is all about “Growing up, leveling up, and stepping up”. A past work can never be better than a future one. 


If those clients were amazed you’d be blown away – your project would be the next best.




On a more professional note; I’m not always this aggressive when writing. In fact, I’m usually gentle and more empathetic. However, I focus on meeting my client’s requirements – which means my style changes based on your needs. 


For example, I’ve been writing persuasively (as a “copywriter”) all these while with the sole aim of getting you to see the need to hire me for your project. And if you’re still reading, it means it worked pretty well. 


Right now I know you might be considering the cost of hiring me and all


Well, that’s fine. It happens all the time – people are always weighing us amongst other options – no one is irreplaceable, right? 

You’re probably thinking about other writers out there, and anxious to click out of this page. Hold on.


I’d give you 2 reasons to stop thinking and make your decision.


  1. I Am Committed To Seeing You Happy: I am playing for the long term. I want more than anything else for you to repeatedly hire me for your projects and even refer me to friends; hence I would do all that is within my power (and even beyond if need be) to see that you are smiling after this project.
  2. I Am Ridiculously Underpriced: Look, I’m not the kind of writer who goes online to re-write contents others have written – I am not here to regurgitate endless platitudes. Besides my in-depth knowledge and experience in the niches I chose to write about, I also do my due diligence (in deep research). This is a one-two punch hard to find elsewhere. 

I’m an author of a number of books – you can find them on platforms like Amazon.

To me writing is not a job; it is art, it’s a gift, it is my Ikigai – it is something I do and enjoy whether I get paid or not. And that is the reason I am so ridiculously underpriced. 

I intend to write for the rest of my life, but freelancing is something I may abandon as I get more and more preoccupied with life…

So, while my services still last; perhaps you should get a taste of my writing– it is assured to do wonders for your business and brand. 

I have a number of people who are already psyched about my brand after reading a couple of my writings, and I’d like your audience to also be raving (ready-to-buy) fans of your brand.

Is that something you want?

If yes, don’t hesitate to contact me.

By this time of the year, I usually have a couple of clients who have already placed their orders and are excitedly waiting for their deliveries, but if you are seeing this page, it means I’m still open to a few more orders; so don’t wait too long before all slots get filled. 

Decide now.

And Oh, the gift. I didn’t forget the gift. Click on this link to swipe “The Simplest Guide To Massive Sales” (Click Me), It’s Free anyway – just my way of saying thanks for visiting this page.