How Can Courage Change Your Life? [Lessons From The Fearless Vikings]5 min read

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The Vikings are known to be raiders, warriors, and farmers but more than that, they’re known for their courage. Their legends are filled with tales of obstacles, and the overcoming of those obstacles..

Amid their audacity, stupidity was not included. Before any action takes place, it was well thought out – discussed till a consensus was reached. 

Individually they  acknowledged their weaknesses and found ways to improve, constantly.

And if by chance, a plan failed – it wasn’t be counted as a loss. 

The Reason?

To them, a man who has a mind (thought) of his own and follows his gut even to death is not a Coward, rather a god.

It was the secret to their success and fame as a tribe, and it (courage) can also change your life

Why Are Vikings So Fearless? [And Why You Should Be]

A coward was more hated than a thief – to the Vikings, at least the thief was brave enough to follow his path, though it lead him onto the guillotine – to his death.

He may not have died as a god, or a man, but, at least, he didn’t die a coward. This was what was important – courage

The Vikings believed the gods were righteous, strong, wise, and (most importantly) courageous. In fact, they believe the gods could be the dead heroes of war who had ascended to Valhalla

And Valhalla being a place of rest, a city for the gods, the final path to Glory, in fact, Glory itself, was/is no place for the spineless 

No coward is allowed to Glory.

No one without a heart, no man without courage is allowed into Glory. 

This too is true of modern life: Success requires courage

Why Is Courage Important In Life?

Being a Viking, living as a fighter was tough – it was a life cramped with swords and shields, blood and sand, screams and tears…

And as much as the legend of the Vikings seems ancient, or even mythological, it represents our daily lives – what we face every day.

It’s what everyone experiences while they still breathe in and out – a fight everyone is forced to participate in.

The raging battles inside every one of us – The fight between who we want to be and the obstacles on the route (which can sometimes be our own selves).

The intention to accomplish a goal against the fear of failing

The skills and knowledge we hunger to gain; and the time and effort needed to be sacrificed

The amount of love we give against the amount of love we receive.

The joy of a birth date and the pain we feel on the death date.

Laughter and tears

The urgent quest for peace and security over chaos and noise

The feud between right and wrong. 

This is the way of Life – and life is this one moment and that the next – constant challenges 

Courage is what defends us throughout life – against the tides, and roars, against madness and derision

Without courage, we simply can’t live life (to the fullest)

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How Do You Show Courage In Everyday Life?

Although, some believe that courage can only be found in the most skillful, in the most powerful, in the wealthiest or royalties, etcetera. It is not true. 

Courage is found when a child humbly picks up the sword and shield; and not because he knows how to use it but because he is willing to learn – to let go of ego, and to disdain fear.

It is moving to the frontline without knowing your fate – whether he would live or die.

Not knowing if you would succeed in the new business, achieve mastery in the new skills, become a wonderful parent or anything really. 

It is staring uncertainties in the face without flinching

It is proceeding despite doubts

It is in not being primarily concerned with the reward but the work – knowing that just fighting is enough – trying is enough

It is understanding that attempting is the prerequisite of glory; it is demanded by life.

That’s Courage

It’s bravery!

You must learn to start, to put out one leg first.

If you want to be anything, anyone – a writer, a teacher, a forex trader, a fashionista, a singer, a good parent, a responsible partner, a decent student, an entrepreneur, whatsoever – you must choose to BEGIN to practice courage daily 

Begin to..

  • Focus
  • Learn.
  • Work.
  • Practice.
  • Serve
  • Stay Mindful
  • Persever
  • Hold yourself accountable
  • Let go of ego
  • Let go of anger
  • Let go of fears
  • Etcetera

Start with courage like a warrior. Pick up yourself, then your weapon

Yet, avoid stupidity. 

You must show yourself approved

You must learn

You must fight for what you believe

You must embrace embarrassment, shame, tension, doubts, dreary etcetra as part of the process – the path to glory – to Valhalla 

You must not run or hide from the moments – you must practice courage everyday like an apprentice 

This is the way of the Vikings.

This is the way to practice courage everyday 

To grow, to level up, to step up

And you will one day ascend to Valhalla – to Glory, to victories, to success, to the realm gods.

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