WHENEVER I’M TIRED – why I take so long in the bathroom [meditations from the toilet]

It usually happens whenever I’m tired.
When exhausted and in dire need of sleep, when my muscles are weak and my brain threatens to short down. I discover that I am most irritable – I am most irrational.
Maybe it is because of my heightened awareness of my frailty. When you have a mind that is wide awake and a drowsy body, you begin to notice the incongruities in life.

HOW LAUGHTER CHANGES YOUR WORLD [Why you must laugh daily]

Laughter, in our world, makes it not just tolerable, but enjoyable. With it, we can look at life not blinded by anger, regret, or shame, but rather an exciting and weird curiosity. With laughter, we can see our stupidity and that of others. With laughter, we can see what was beyond our control and what we could have done.