The Certificate Is Not Worth It

Considering the fact that I have three sisters all bagging first class certificates and I’m just about getting my own certificate, you might begin to wonder why the hell I just said “the certificate is not worth it”, isn’t that contradictory and maybe hypocritical? well, it isn’t

Few years ago, when I was still in secondary school, I remember my Uncle visiting one night and was in the sitting room with my Dad discussing and laughing. I remember him telling my Dad how he was in a debt of roughly two million naira.

Those words never left my head, though I can’t vividly recall how he said it, what stuck with me all those years was the manner he said it – in a cool fashion plus he even afforded the luxury of laughing about it. Back then, I couldn’t even phantom being in a debt of a thousand naira.

How could he have laughed about such an issue?

Donald Trump is worth billions today, but there was a time when he lost it all during a real estate crash. He once said: “I passed a beggar on the street and realized he was worth $9.2 billion more than I was!” Yet, before long, Donald was back on top. Why? Because of who he is

Donald Trump making an Okay sign
Donald Trump

The point is, you shouldn’t focus on the statistics; people’s current level, the certificate(s) they own, or how much they are earning.

What you want is someone who is able to reverse back out of debt not because his family is there to help him, but because he has the ability to create wealth..

Bringing the issue back to education, it should be noted that a lot of factors come to play when it comes to being an outstanding student, although I agree that focus and dedication plays a huge part, sometimes things get out of control or even beyond control and some other times we realize our mistakes too late whilst other times we just don’t love what we are studying.

But these should not be taken as an excuse to fail or be reluctant, quite the contrary. When a person develops a positive and broad mindset about life, she begins to realize that whatever she is doing she has to put in maximum effort.

That’s to say, whether the card that was dealt was bad or the game was rigged all together, she would keep doing her best.

This is the kind of attitude that gets people to the top, because the good thing about life is that the lot occasionally fall in the good places for everyone.

Surely opportunity would arise and it is that person who has the mindset of pushing when things are good or bad that would reap the maximum benefits whilst others either remain oblivious to the opportunity or start putting effort when the window is almost closed or are totally unable to utilize the opportunity even when it is made know to them early.

Education to simply gain a certificate is no education at all, it is in fact madness.

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Life is larger than school, and even though the socio-economical system requires a certificate to filter out those who are not competent, if a person doesn’t really gain valuable knowledge that can be applied in the real world, and not just theories and cramming of formulas but the mindset to continually learn and do the best she can, she would be found wanting.

And heaven help those who thinks knowing everything there is about a field and being, you know, really good in that field would enable them to live a good life. This is one of the greatest delusions I’ve seen played out in front of my eyes and it’s not funny.

How many times have you seen miserable looking adults who are working low paying jobs? or how many other times have you heard of celebrities abusing drugs? One can try to coat all those with silly sayings that may appear deep on the surface, claiming that they are proud of their knowledge as an expert in a field, or that they are living the life of a rapper or some other crap. Although it is nice to be a pro, or party and celebrate it is quite crazy to think that poverty, dysfunctional relationships and substance abuse are part of “the life”.

A certificate is good for getting jobs, which might bring in money to take care of a few things and maybe live comfortably, but if the right knowledge and skill in handling the money and managing our desires is lacking, we might just as well throw our money and happiness into the abyss.

What is a job or money when you’re living in misery, with no happiness or fulfilment, you know what? Away with that job too!

Realize that the world is beyond school or certificate.

You should consider the pursuit of your certificate as one of your several other pursuits. You must learn to be like a tree that grow multiple branches to capture the sunlight.

You must learn all the skills necessary for survival, and when it feels like you are not going anywhere with it, you must keep pushing.

This is life not a car race to see who finishes first. It is about growing, it is about living.

That being said, money is of essence and the means to getting or controlling it is barely thought in school. That’s why you must acquire this knowledge yourself.

You don’t want to end up like the rest of the population, do you? You need to attach both meaning and freedom to your life. You want to be happy

I’m Dick David: An artist, writer, blogger, thinker, and entrepreneur. I am still learning and getting better daily.

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