Society is a very complex place, this complexity can sometimes be daunting. It is very common to run into situations that would force one to seek advice on how to go about certain issues and there are always people ready to offer advices, however, these advices differ and sometimes literally oppose each other in every sense.

Things get tricky when we head out in search for evidence to support our opinion. It is amazing how we would almost always find supporting evidence, this is because people’s opinions differ, and people only observe to see what they want to see – i.e an evidence that confirms their opinion.

The above phenomenon is known as “confirmation Bias” and is the reason people side different political parties, believing strongly that their party is right and people supporting the other party are irrational. But this of course is not true, because people never support something they haven’t found a reason to.

As promised, I’m going to give you the last advice you’re ever going to need for free. I must admit this knowledge didn’t originate from me. It is always wise, when it comes to confusing situations to stick to what works and has stood the test of time. So here it is



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Your mind is your greatest asset, if it’s compromised all is lost, you’ll probably be thinking “what  does that even means?”, well, let me put it this way, the mind is the pilot of a jet, the jet has great potentials but non of these would be exploited if the pilot doesn’t do something


The mind is so essential that critical tasks are deligated exclusively to the brightest minds available, no one wants a kid flying a jump jet, the issue isn’t if the kid can reach for the controlls, the problem is that the kid has no idea what he has to do , how he has to do it or what’s even at stake.

You may not admit it but you are capable of evil as well as good, there’s no limits, no one was born inherently good or bad, we all consciously choose, but what happens when we get driven by our unconscious


Any one who has blacked out due to exercise alcohol intake can testify of the Limbic self that takes over the body few minutes before the black out, the personality that do things that they are usually embraced to admit.

They are not totally wrong to blame it on the alcohol, because the truth is we all have a latent dark side, always lurking, waiting for the chance to break loose, and that’s why people can walk out of a murder case with the claim that they where drunk during a crime


You might be asking by now where is all these leading to, well, here’s the thing.

You are not what you think you are, a little surgery and your gender, skin colour, height and even tone of voice can all be altered, however what you really are is your MIND,


The mind compromises both the conscious and subconscious, an that’s what you have to develop and protect at all cost



Feeding the mind is key, when you have the road map then you can

make the journey

Experiences are good, they feed the mind with opinions and the result of each, but experiences can be painful and time wasting

Nevertheless, Experiences can be gotten vicariously through books. This means you don’t have to suffer or waste time like the pioneers did, all you have to do is apply their principles and watch yourself soar above all huddles life has to present.


Click on this link to visit this article where I took the time to list and explain lessons to be gained from all of the best books, I’ve read from different aspect of life

Just for fun

Did you know? You have 11 major organ systems which include the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, endocrine. Immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscular and reproductive system.





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