Best Advice For Young People: Determine Your Future3 min read

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We (because I’m also young) often underestimate the early stages of life.

Believing we have all the time in the world to be intentional about our lives

“We’ll grow later, and figure it out then”, we think.

While young, we waste time and get too comfortable relying on our parents or guardians

We even transfer the duty of planning our future to them 

Maybe it’s because we believe our parents have it all figured out. 

We do nothing tangible to determine our future because “what will be will be”, right?.


That saying, “What will be will be” has poisoned the minds of young ones.

It is perhaps one of the worst pieces of advice for young people

It has misguided us to think things will always fall in place even if we sit and wait.

But no, it doesn’t work like that.

Any observant person can tell

The books we read, the people we spend time with, the habits we embrace, the conversations we choose to have, the routine we follow, the environment we live in, and even something as common as what we choose to believe, all influence the direction of our future.

Read that paragraph again, slowly.

It’s the work we put in (how much we invest in our growth) that determines the future.

I’ve come to realize young people could positively influence their future by 

  • Being intentional about what they feed their minds,
  • Learning from other people’s “success” and “failure” stories
  • Setting goals
  • Working with courage and determination to achieve set goals, and
  • Being accountable.

Your parents don’t know it all

You should choose to be an active participant in your own life

Yeah, you may not know more than your parents either, but at least you are now actively participating in deciding your future. And that is a whole lot better than sitting and doing nothing

You would make mistakes and there would be roadblocks on your path, but in the end, it will be worth it.

How do I know?

Because, as George Halas once said, “Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.” 

My life story is a good example of how being young and determined pays off 

But I am going to hold onto that story a bit longer… 

Besides, there are more than enough stories out there to inspire you already

My aim with this piece was to get you to change your mindset. It is the first step

Look, it’s still the early stages of your life

You can either choose to leverage on it and give yourself a better shot at a good life or spend all that time on youthful frivolities.

With  Love

Ekenna Marvee?

Bio: Creative Content writer

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