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Nobody knows tomorrow they say, but what if I told you I figured out a way to predict the future with 89% accuracy

Life…Life is like a labyrinth, full of unlimited possible moves and destinations, a little turn to the left and you’ll require 10 more complex turns to get back on track or you simply don’t ever.

With constraints of time and Location, we humans have so little leisure to explore the infinite possibilities granted to us by Life

Many children would look into the eyes of their father and say with all enthusiasm, “Dad , I want to be an Astronaut ”, and their father would reply “sure you can be one, you just have to study hard”, this he says with a grin masking off his mockery of the child’s dreams, or maybe he too is afraid his child would face the vicissitudes of life and end up a farmer just like himself

How can one promise a child of a brighter future if he doubts the probability of his own success in bringing up his child?

However, with each success this child acquires from painstaking study his father breaths in a little air of hope, hope that maybe, just maybe this child would reach for the stars, and maybe he was the reason I came into the world, maybe I was brought into the world to take care of him, maybe he is my world

So he works even harder so that at all costs his child remains in school, and finally gets a degree, but then disaster strikes, his little boy dies, his world is covered with dark clouds and in the darkness of his pain he dies in misery and grief

The future is Fashioned by Us



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This is not motivational, this is however an edification, an enlightenment …

A little girl would learn to dance when surrounded with other girls who dance

A Little boy would participate in gymnastics when surrounded with other boys who indulge in the sport

The environment influences us

I consider this influence a Limitation, a constraint placed on us by our Location on the planet, I don’t think it’s easy to find expert shepherds in London, neither do I think it’s easy to find Samurais in Nigeria

Yes, yes I know what your future would Look like, I can tell, I can tell because I am you…Okay, I’m just kidding, even if I was you, I wouldn’t still know, would I?…What did you say you wanted to be again?…

If I was you I might not have been able to know your future because you most likely don’t know for yourself, but I have a way of finding out, I found the secret and I would tell


Life is like a maze, a complex one, the most complex labyrinth ever built, so easily can one get lost, and  so many times men have gotten lost, so many times men have set out to explore so many times they’ve never returned

A wise man once said Experience is for fools. The sad truth about life is that pioneers suffer the most, often times paying with their lives for the experience gained

Men have painted in caves, and engraved in stones all their experiences, they have created myths and folk tales, they’ve built monuments and engineered mechanisms, they’ve created the wonders of the world, and like never before men have experimented and dug deep into the essence of the universe

Vicarious, vicarious knowledge lay waiting on the Internet and books, the Maps to use in Navigating the Labyrinth, caution signs and greenlights, there is no mistaking what works these days, countless data has been put together, experiments upon experiments, certainty is almost reached, your behaviour can be predicted by your mobile phone, all the data are aligning. What are you waiting for?

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You choose your future, “for whatever a man sows, that he must reap”

The right question isn’t what would be your future? the question is, what do you want to be your future?

For thousands of years we have lived on this planet, we have done whatever it takes to survive and we have survived this long…

The “how” of living is inside our DNA, it’s in the DNA of everything living, no matter how fragile, gigantic or microscopic. Haven’t you wondered how animals abandon their young’s and yet they all seem to manage to find a way to survive

You can be whatever you want, BUT…

You don’t learn how to be a shepherd in New York

You must learn to associate with the right gang, your future is dependent on that


The aim of this article was to create a shift in the perception of the future as a static possibility to the perspection of a more dynamic and ever changing possibilities which is directly dependant on our actions in the present.

With all the experiences of our ancestors we are sure to find enough vicarious knowledge to aid us in Navigating the labyrinth in order to get to the exact point we wish to get to

With all certainty I can tell you that if you practice drawing for 10,000 hours you must gain enough knowledge and skill to be regarded as a wonderful artist, I can testify to this because I excel in the art of Drawing

Hopefully you’ll find something that appeals to you, and make yourself a master of it, this way your future is certain…and its defined by YOU

Too bad we have so little time to be all we wish to become #Cancer

Remember not to be like the father who waited for reassurance by the child that the future can be moulded, be the child that makes others see the possibilities

P.S: some texts in this article contain links to other articles that might better explain some terms used here, e.g Gang and Labyrinth




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