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The internet is Vast, I’ll cut it down to size by starting with the social media

If you’ve ever been on social media, then you must be quite familiar with the followings


These are like the slang of social media, they are like the central language of social networks, if you don’t know a bunch of these, and not just the meaning but the degree to which they mean what they mean then you’re probably going to have a very bad day on social medias

However, if you finally decide that you’ll crake the code, that you’ll go through hell and high waters to discover the meaning of each individual abbreviation, you’ll soon come to a second realization, a realization that the meaning of these abbreviations are not literally what they say

Take for example the abbreviation LOL, this very abbreviation has been used and is still being used to a plethora degree, however we know too well that we seldom even show our teeth when we hammer these letters mechanically to our messengers and hit send (L. O. fucking L.)

Somehow the abbreviation which literally says “laugh out loud” now simply means I find it body really teaches us this, we just know somehow, and dear friend there is much more to know about the internet than LOL

And social medias are not the internet, they are just a drop in the ocean (the internet)

On the internet things are not always as they seem, the internet is like a big reservoir of information, it’s just a place where information is sheared, a platform for activities to be carried out

understanding that the internet has a purpose is very important

When you open up your phones lock screen and turn on your data connection, you’ve just been linked with billions of people, these billions of people are actually on the internet to shear a piece of information that simply tells you of what’s happening or available around their own physical environment

That being said, the internet is just a reservoir of opinions, some are treasure some are trash, venturing into the internet without a particular objective is like jumping into a bottomless pit, it never ends, you keep getting tones upon tones of information as you go deeper, like I said some may be helpful and others misleading or downright harmful

life on the internet is nothing like life in the real world, you should know this, the LOL and the SMH are not real, they are just means of conveying an emotion or view on something

If you haven’t really caught on to the point I’m trying to make, let me indulge you to some examples of what the internet is


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Facebook is prolly the hottest social media spot on the internet today, with over 1 billion people on it, that’s a good percentage of the earth’s entire population, so I think it would properly represent the social medias.

Whenever an individual log in to this platform he or she intends to shear or receive a piece of information, that being said, you should come to the not so comfortable realization that people wouldn’t shear their miseries and insecurities there, at least the people we look up to (celebrities), and whatever piece of information being sheared is meant to serve a personal purpose (most likely Promotional)

The information sheared may be in order to receive praise, promote a product or brand, ridicule someone else, promote an idea, or find likeminded people whom you could carry out a project with etc.

Logging onto Facebook with no objective of your own is like starting your vehicle and simply flowing with the traffic simply because you have a car and gas. That’s a bad idea, it would only cost you time and fuel, which translate in the real world as valuable time and mental energy (these things are priceless)

Doest thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of – Benjamin Franklin

Like really, if you’re not achieving anything on Facebook at the moment (something like getting a new girlfriend or boyfriend) then get off it and do something more meaningful, you could actually get the boy/girlfriend in the real world you know


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Google is the leading search engine so I think it would pretty much cover for other search engines like Yahoo, Ask and so on. These search engines are dedicated to helping us find relevant content, remember “relevant”, it doesn’t really matter what you typed in, it would look for related info and present it to you, the information presented are usually contained in other sites which you then go ahead to visit,

Like I said earlier, if your query (search) was how to become a rapist or thief, you would be redirected by google to the sites that offer the best information concerning your interest, it is therefore necessary for you to know that whatever information you get from the internet is based on your own personal interest

That begs the question, so David, you are basically saying the internet is just a bunch of crazy people’s opinions? the answer is yes and also no, if you find whatever information relevant then it is relevant, it doesn’t really matter what I think, but I still do think that learning how to be a rapist is just sick, don’t do that, please

So there you have it, always make sure you dabble into one or two sites before coming out with conclusions, also make sure you check out sites with good reputations and possibly comments from visitors it helps keep things in perspective

Also beware of the phenomena known as confirmation bias, which means – looking for evidence of things you want to believe in. a classic example would be the issue of religion, trying to prove or disprove the existence of gods, in whatever direction you go you would find support, trust me


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Amazon is simply an online store. Amazon is the largest in the world so I think it would be a good example for the ecommerce stores

It is just a platform by which a lot of business owners sell their goods and services and customers pay for the goods and service. Just like Facebook where you create your own personal profile, you could also create an Account on amazon and start selling or buying

So you see, once more you have normal people who simple go online for a “reason”, on amazon you’ll come in contact with professional marketers who would be willing to sell you anything-anytime. like I said earlier, have a thing in mind else you’ll get swept off your feet and would probably end up buying stuffs you really don’t want to buy, just like in the real world


In conclusion, the internet isn’t the real world, sorry to put it this way, but life is really mechanical and analogue, whatever you do online has to transcend to the real mechanical and analogue world.

Of course, these are not the only things on the internet, we have websites for betting, selling illegal goods and services, porn, religious gatherings, and so on. Whatever it is you can imagine is prolly on the net, these few examples where used to drive a point – Humans make up the internet, and they do so with interests and emotions attached

The point is, You and I are the internet, a proper understanding of oneself (desires, fears, hopes, interests, etcetera) is crucial, it would be your guiding compass into the internet

I’m David, an artist, writer, blogger, thinker, entrepreneur. I am still learning and I’m getting better. I’m the PAWN

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