5 Years In School

School; 5 years in school.

Did you know that the educational system is a multi-Billion-dollar industry?

Every parent wants their child(ren) in school. And almost every “child” also wants to get in. But, what are they getting into?

It is not uncommon to hear people – I mean graduates – say school was a waste of time. And, there is a reason for that. 

This is not a debate, it is about your life. You have to get it right. And that is why I took it upon myself to write about it. To iron out the issue and let you decide for yourself.

Note: I’m a graduate. I studied Computer Engineering, though I consider myself more of an artist than an engineer.  But, that’s by the way.

My concern is, due to the huge investment of time and money, I think it would behoove you to know what you are getting into. 

That is what the audio below discusses – an extract from the Book “5 Years In School”. Enjoy

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[Note: this audio has been extracted from the full audio commentary of the book “5 YEARS IN SCHOOL”]

Done With The Audio?

Great. I want to tell you about a book that would be of immense help to you in school and beyond.

  • It would help you understand and decide what you want out of school.
  • It would show you how avoid failing exams, and increase your CGPA – i.e. it would reveal to you the secret of A+ students so that you can apply and skyrocket your results.
  • It would reveal to you how to avoid loneliness by making great friends, or getting into a healthy romantic relationship. Yes, it would show you how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend step by step.
  • And finally, it would teach you how to make money  as a student.

In general, it is your ultimate guide in school. It is success and happiness in school. It is all you need to avoid regrets in, and after school.

+Plus, there are other valuable topics discussed betwixt the major topics in the book.

It’s like having someone sit beside you, to whom you explain all your challenges in school, and then they told, and showed you exactly how to remedy them – because they’ve been there before.

And this book – 5 Years In School – comes with an audio  commentary and summary.


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More About The Book

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The following narration was written by someone who bought this book (he was telling those on his WhatsApp list, through his WhatsApp status)

“I think that for a lot of people within my age limit three key issues abound:


Relationships, all sorts

Money, the quest to make and manage money.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself within this crucial age is that of self-development and a major way to do this to read good books.

The thing is, our view on an array of issues is restricted (so restricted at that) and reading books is a great way to widen our horizons.

We need to read about new ideas, about ways to better ourselves and free ourselves of a bit of ignorance.

I read a book “5 YEARS IN SCHOOL”, that details the authors knowledge on the basic issues of academics, relationships and money.

The most unique feature of the book has to be the practicability, its’s not filled with so many theories that are farfetched.

The author takes you on a journey, a sweet ride at that. He tells you about relationships with strangers, acquaintances, lovers and even as a roommate.

If you have ever lived in a room and all you ever wanted was to so badly be free from your roommate, the writer shows you want went wrong and teaches you how to successfully lived with anyone

He went ahead to talk about how to best to approach and build relationships with strangers, how to make and keep friends, he even helps you define what a toxic friendship looks like.

Importantly he tells you why you are still single if you are and tells you all there is to know about love. To cap it all he teacher you how to get that crush or lover…

He then talks about money: tells you what money really is, tells you why you shouldn’t chase money, tells you how to manage and generate wealth.

We have seen people win heavy jackpot and lose it all because they lacked basic financial knowledge

I told you this book is practical and doable and so he tells you a story of how he made his first #1,000

I dare ask you how many days you can stay without your well subscribed phone?

I really want to know the answer. You want to know why you answer is a fraction of few hours?

The writer gifts you a dopy of another book “MY PHONE IS MY BEST FRIEND”

This book (5 YEARS IN SCHOOL) will also help you answer this:

“School na Scam?” (is school worth it?)

I forget to tell you the writer addresses this in details, maybe over time you have grown to have the wrong mentality, school fives a type of knowledge far away from financial intelligence does that make school a scam?

Should financial education be part of the curriculum?

Yeah, nothing good is free you know right

Nothing, before you say I haven’t done anything for you, I am doing this for you ooh …emojis

The book is supposed to go for 1,500 naira but after due consideration the author has pegged it at just #1,000

1,000 kpod.

Author’s Comment: The prices mentioned here were “promo prices” and can change with time – that is if it hasn’t already)

I know you want to runaway now but calm down fees, remember you may not have a lot of things figured out now but one thing you can do is to keep improving and developing yourself and this book, my dear, is a step in the right direction.

Buying this book comes with other added advantage from the author including but not limited to addition to his VIP list. I can assure you I have gotten a lot of value from him.

If still interested slip up and DM me.

The author has promised a full refund if after reading this book you don’t get the value for your money.

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  1. The full copy of “5 YEARS IN SCHOOL – how to get high grades, relationships, and money in school”, plus the audio.
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  1. The full copy of “5 YEARS IN SCHOOL – how to get high grades, relationships, and money in school”, plus the audio.
    • Plus, a copy of my Second book “MY PHONE IS MY BEST FRIEND – How to achieve your wildest dreams through social media”. (Value: 2,000 Naira)
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  • 5 Years In School: A book written for students. It will reveal to you simple principles behind academic success, great relationships, and consistent in flow of cash. It also comes with a 1 hour 30 minutes Audio commentary/summary/narration.
  • My Phone Is My Best Friend: Written for anyone with a smart phone. This book is not a manual on how to use your phone, but rather a book that shows you what the internet really is, and how to use it to your advantage – rather than disadvantage. It also shows you how to get free websites for yourself or a business.
  • THE SIRENIC COURSE – how to talk to people in an influential way”. If you have ever wondered how to make people listen to you and even like you instantly, this is the course you must take. Forbidden mind-bending secretes would be revealed in it. If you have no idea what “Sirenic” means, then Google the word “Sirens”. It also comes with a 45 minutes audio narration.
  • “THE BUSINESS JETPACK – how to create a money generating system for yourself”. Many people try to start selling things online, or within the neighborhood and they fail. Learn how to get it right. Learn how to build a business that cannot crash. It also comes with a 25 minutes audio commentary/explanation/summary.

I’ll give you everything (worth over 17,000 Naira) for just 2,000 Naira only.

+ Plus, a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t feel all that was worth the money (T&C apply).

I intend to hold you by the hand, and walk you through your self-development journey. This would also be the beginning of a great relationship.

I love giving out free and useful resources – I shear a lot of free stuff on this website. But these are the premium, best, and most life-transforming contents for people like you who love my work – and want to support me, (and also want to gain lot’s more in return).

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Secrets are exposed here – if it were not so, I wouldn’t have told you.

Who Is Dick David

I am Dick David: An artist, writer, and thinker. I studied computer Engineering in school, but I’m more known for, and drawn to art and writing.

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