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So, I’ve finally bought a new phone.

I like it. It’s actually the first high-end phone I’m ever using…though it’s not really high-end anymore. But all the same, I’ve succeeded in buying it.

So, tell me about you, how have you succeeded lately?

I’ve been worried about you for a while now…

and that is actually why I’m writing this to you.

Seriously, tell me how you’ve succeeded.

Have you ever thought about that?

…that you’ve already succeeded – and I’m not just saying in one aspect of your life, but in many.

I’m saying this because I feel concerned about how many people go about their lives. And I don’t want you to make that same blunder.

Once the word “success” is mentioned, many people envision receiving a Grammy, taking a joyride in a new Lamborghini, or chilling in a jacuzzi at a 7-star hotel – with roses, music, wine, diamonds, and their haters kissing their asses.

What many don’t realize is that success is categorical.

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