7 Simple Ways To Make Other People Feel Important Every Day6 min read

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It is a beautiful world we live in, and part of what makes it so lovely is the smile on people’s faces, the lightness in their steps, and the joy they bring.

And the best part is that it isn’t even difficult to bring about those: You can set this incredible beauty in motion simply by remembering someone’s name or wishing them a happy birthday.

Doing little things like these makes people feel important and happy because the feeling of being important is perhaps one of the best feelings in the world

If you like to see people around you happy (which will make you happy as well), here are 7 simple ways to make other people feel important every day

7 Ways Make Someone Feel Like the Most Important Person in the Room/World

#1 Use Their Names

Imagine a scenario where you’re walking down a crowded street, brushing against hundreds of people, and you hear someone wolf-whistle. My guess is, you won’t turn around because wolf-whistles could be for anyone of those people. You’ll keep walking because it’s not personalized. 

However, if it were your name that was whispered, you would have turned around instantly (even if it may not have been you in particular either)

Your name is the most relevant, unique identification that anyone else could use to differentiate between you and a hundred other people. And you’re attached to your name at a subconscious level 

The same goes for others. 

Everyone reacts to their names as you do yours; so, learn to use people’s names often, because you’d not only get their attention that way, you’d also make them happy because you remembered. 

#2 Express Sincere Gratitude 

Let’s say you have strategically planned the purpose of your ‘last card’ (the last cash you have). You had planned to use it to buy a plate of jello rice, a bottle of water, and data you’d use to (maybe) check if a proposal you submitted has been accepted. 

But you suddenly remember that your friend’s birthday was the next day. So, instead of doing as you had planned with your money, you decide to buy a rose-colored purse for your friend.

If by the next day, after the party (if there is any), you receive a message that reads, ‘thank you, I’ve always wanted this particular color for a long time.’ won’t you be overwhelmed with joy?

Of course you would 

Ah! The joy!

The joy of being appreciated 

In essence, expressing sincere gratitude goes a long way in making people feel relevant. It doesn’t matter how little, or large their gift is; it is the thoughts/intentions behind it that matter.

And apart from being grateful for gifts and monetary favors, you can also express gratitude to people just for being in your life. A simple ‘I’m happy you’re my friend‘ would earn you smiles quickly.

#3 Listen More

You would know nothing about people if you constantly talk over them. 

You learn nothing when your mouth is always open.

Ask questions and listen to them answer those questions; listen more, and that way, you’d glean a whole lot of information about them; their birthdays, their favorite food, colors, and artist. Information that is personal and dear.

How would you know the right color of purse to buy if you never listen?

Note that even when you’re being asked a question, you don’t have to go on about your interests. Remember that the other person also wants to share

#4 Be Genuinely Interested in People

This could be as little as saying ‘hello’ to people you know and wishing them well on their special days. It could also be as much as getting expensive tickets to an event. 

But in whatever capacity you can afford, always show people that you genuinely care about them because people will always be interested in those who are interested in them.

It’s also worth noting that faking interest in people can backfire (as they can easily see through the facade). So, entire to be “genuinely” interested, or don’t try

#5 Let Them Know You’re Thinking of Them

How did you feel when someone sent you a – ‘Hey, Buddy, how are you doing? I just thought of the last time we spent together and how you made me smile a lot. Thank you very much, and I hope we get to do this again‘ – kind of message?

I’ll take a stake and bet you felt good. 

On that note, you should know that people like to be remembered, and sending them random texts that remind them of how special they are to you would go a long way in scoring points for you. Go on, try it 😉

#6 Always Point Out Their Strengths

Call it ‘constructive criticism’ if you like, but people will cringe when you remind them of how much they suck at something. 

So, instead of constantly reminding people of their faults and shortcomings, always point out their strengths. 

Mention the things they are good at when you have conversations with them, and always remember to ask them questions from those areas.

Note From Editor: In situations where you feel you must point out their flaws (as a friend), remember to sandwich it with praises. For instance, “Great job with this article, I love how you included your personal experience to make it more readable, however, there are too many typographical errors, though I like how you formatted it neatly.”

see? Compliment – Criticism – Compliment.

Who wouldn’t like that?

#7 Be Sincere With Your Praises

People can spot fake, as much as they recognize real.

So, be sincere with your praises and only compliment when you need to or feel like…

Don’t force things

Be honest

Don’t be a manipulative jerk 


These are 7 easy ways to make other people feel important, and although they are more than 7, you already get the gist.

Err on the side of caution, my friend, and keep people beaming.

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