What Are The Types Of Luck? [How To Get Luckier In Life]6 min read

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Much of life is all about getting lucky (i.e. succeeding due to chance). This is because life is all about probabilities – probability of the universe coming into existence, a planet forming, life emerging, you getting born (with complete limbs), etcetera. Everything is anchored on some degree of chance (or luck).

So, if you’re asking, “how do I get luckier?” You are not out of place. Yes, everyone needs luck; even the most skilled footballer still needs a bit of luck to score a goal – one centimeter or second extra and it hits the goalpost or misses entirely

However, you can agree with me that the luck which a lottery player operates on is far different from that with which Warren Buffet operates on. And that’s exactly why we must discuss this “Luck” thing.

We need to know “how many types of luck there are”, and how to access them

Thankfully, these lucks are quite easy to identify, and you can start now to make yourself luckier

There are basically four types of luck

  1. Blind Luck
  2. Hustle Luck
  3. Preparation Dependent Luck
  4. Predictable Luck

Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Blind Luck

This is the most common kind of luck people think of. It is also what is mostly referred to as “luck”. This is because it is the most random and unpredictable. Anyone relying on Blind luck has surrendered their lives to fate, and in most cases fate can be indifferent, slow, or even cruel.

Blind luck could involve betting, praying, wishing, or plain doing nothing. It provides the least chance of result or success. Yet, for some strange reason, it feels the most gratifying

We are much happier when we get something we did not “deserve” – something we didn’t work for, or even anticipate.

And, the truth is that everyone enjoys a bit of blind luck every once in a while

Hustle Luck

This is a more active and stressful kind of luck. It requires a lot of random attempts. It is simply Blind Luck on steroids

It’s all about taking more chances – thereby encountering more failure and success.

The good thing about Hustle luck is that in this modern world (where failure may not mean starvation, enslavement, or death) there is really little to fear from the failures you’d encounter and more to enjoy in the event of success

So, those who hustle blindly do see a relatively huge amount of success in life. But, since their success is mainly based on their efforts, they do not really have leverage, and may never really get the kind of success they dream of.

This is basically what happens in the Market place: those who work the hardest (I.e. unskilled labor) are usually those with the least pay, while those who reap the most reward are those who work the least…at least, in most cases

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Preparation Dependent Luck

This is the kind of luck which comes to you when you have a high-income skill. These sort of people are sort after and given the “chance”.

For this level/kind/type of luck feels like standing in a subway waiting for a train. You may miss a couple of trains, but “surely” there would be another train

They may have to do a bit of hustling – to apply for jobs, and build their portfolio – but most times they are the ones being sort after

Getting this kind of luck requires very intentional approach. And sure, it is harder to start off. But once you get prepared – after getting the degree, learning the skill, or dressing properly – the luck just comes pouring in

Predictable Luck

Predictable luck is the apex of luck. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like luck anymore because it is predictable – sometimes to the exact day, and hour. This kind of luck steals the power away from fate and puts it in your hands.

It’s only occurs after you’ve built a system that can filter the failure and extract only the success

For example, building a brand that appeals to women, and then selling womenswear to them is guaranteed to bring in sales. At this point, 1,000 leads can predictably bring in (at least) 10 sales. It is still luck (as you can see that 990 shots were missed), but it is nonetheless predictable.

Needless to say, it is the hardest kind of luck to harness. It could mean years of work.

For a business person, it could mean lots of resources and time – hiring skilled personnel to build your site, write copies, etc.

For an artist it could mean years of building a fan base

For you it could be something else

However, what all these have in common is a deliberate act of building.

As you can already see, it is no easy task. And that is why a lot of rich people get pissed when someone calls their success “luck”.

They have the right to be. But maybe they shouldn’t. Maybe they should just laugh and say, “my luck is far from average” Because it truly is.

It goes with the saying, “Extreme people get extreme results”.

How hard are you working on your luck?

P.S: This Article was greatly influenced by a Podcast by Naval Ravikank. Here is a link to it “How To Get Rich [Without Getting Lucky]” or you can view YouTube version of it below. Enjoy

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