How Can I Deal With Procrastination? [5 Quick Tips To Help You Get Off Your Ass]3 min read

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“I will do it tomorrow.”, “Let me rest a little, there is still time.”, “I know I’m supposed to do this today, but I think tomorrow will be fine; besides I’d be well-rested by then.”… these and so many others, are the favorite phrases of chronic procrastinators. I know because I am one.

What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the act of putting off an action (or something). This “something” is usually attended to at a later (uncomfortable) time, or in many cases never at all.

Who Is A Procrastinator?

In simple words, procrastinators are avoiders of tasks or responsibilities. This could occur due to laziness, lack of motivation, or simply dislike for that particular task. 

Interestingly, procrastination and procrastinators come in different forms

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What Are The Types Of Procrastination Personalities?

According to research, there are four major types of procrastination personality types:

  1. The Performer: This type of procrastinator believes that they can get the work done at the last minute. They rely on being under pressure for motivation. This is mostly seen in students, who will spend the entire school period being unserious, only to attempt reading large volumes of materials when exams are by the corner. The result is that they sift through the chunks of information understanding barely anything.
  2. The Self-Deprecator: They are fond of talking down on themselves. They usually tag themselves as lazy. Needless to say, they would barely lift a finger unless things get critical.
  3. The Overbooker: These procrastinators are overzealous and take on too many tasks. Consequently, they get overwhelmed by it and end up doing nothing.
  4. The Novelty-Seeker: This is usually the curse of the creatives. They are great at envisioning and proposing new and creative ideas or projects, but easily get bored by them and seldom follow them through.

How To Stop Procrastinating?

  1. Be spontaneous! Most times, getting started is the greatest motivation you can give yourself. Once you begin, your actions convince your mind you are able to pull it off, and you might as well get to the bottom of it, right?
  2. Know when to take some time off and rest. On some occasions, all you truly need to get your system (mind and body) active and working again is just rest.
  3. Examine your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes our emotions can get in the way. So it may be important to ask yourself, “what am I really avoiding?”, “Why am I hesitant?”, or “how do I feel about this?”. Answering such questions can help you get started or simply relax without the guilt.
  4. One thing at a time. As much as it is good to keep being flooded with wonderful new ideas, you must learn to jot them down and finish the task at hand before diving into a new one. Completion is key to achieving lots!
  5. Reward yourself. It could be a spa treatment, a weekend getaway, buying the junk you’ve avoided all week; anything to give yourself a pat on the back. Remember, one of the key causes of procrastination is lack of motivation. Rewarding yourself, gives you the energy to do more; I mean who doesn’t like being rewarded?

Procrastination is a bad habit, that is usually accompanied by regret and shame. It is important that you keep those in mind.

Also, remember that time wasted cannot be regained. 

Take that action today! 

I am an entrepreneur. I am also in love with music and feel at peace traveling and viewing landscapes.

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