Become An Anomaly: Why Not Everyone Can Be Successful [And How To Stop Being Like Everyone]3 min read

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“Success Is Not Normal”

It’s been over 24hrs since I heard these words and I’ve been a bit unsettled ever since

So, I decided to share with you what I heard, so you’ll be unsettled too

Yes, Humans are evolved to Survive.

But we are not evolved to be Successful.

We are evolved to be alive. To be like everyone else. To be living. To survive

Surviving is like being a tree in a jungle. It’s normal.

Succeeding is like being a tree in a desert. It is not normal.

Whenever you say you want to be successful, you are saying you do not want to be normal

But do you really want to be abnormal?

Do you want to be awake when others are sleeping?

Read when others are watching TV?

Invest when others are consuming?

Are you willing to do what it takes?!

I remember in secondary school how the best students read voraciously.

They would read the textbooks, browse for information online, sign up for extra moral classes, and even get a private teacher.

They were not being normal

I was naturally intelligent, but I was normal.

This meant, without much effort I did well in school. I was easily among the top 5 students

But it was only those who were intelligent and abnormal that could consistently take the first position.

I couldn’t drag this with them. They bogarted it pretty much how the successful adults are succeeding in the career

I remember how the top students in the class were called out and awarded pretty much how successful people flaunt their wealth on social media today

If you aren’t ready to do something abnormal don’t talk about success. Don’t even dream about it.

It’s like the overly playful kid in class saying he wants to take the 1st position.

He can say it as much as he wants. Get angry, and even go for prayers. But until he gets abnormal, he won’t see the 1st position in class

In fact, the more he says it the more all the other kids would laugh at him

But the kid who comes first doesn’t even need to say it. Everyone knows that kid would take first (or at least second)

You can tell from his participation in class, test scores, and assignments

Pretty much how we can tell from the friends you now keep and how much you apply yourself to growth

It is true. Not all kids come first, yet majority (if not all) the kids graduate

Yes, you don’t have to be successful to live

It is okay to be average

To be like everyone else

But if you are going to wish or talk about being successful, don’t do that living a normal life

Apply yourself to doing all that is unusual and uncomfortable

  • Read high-value content voraciously
  • Write explicitly
  • Network like crazy
  • Invest bountifully
  • Discipline yourself
  • Develop Self-awareness
  • practice Mindfulness
  • Cultivate Courage
  • Practice Honesty
  • Uphold Your Integrity
  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Etc.


Whenever you feel tired of doing those

Remember, why you started

If you’re wondering why not everyone can be successful; well, it is because: “To succeed is not normal

Success is not for normal people

So, get abnormal

Become an anomaly!

Dick David is a freelance SEO content writer and editor with over 7 years of experience in content writing, digital marketing, and sales. He is the founder of Pawns Digital Agency. Throughout his career, he has authored over 4 books, published hundreds of SEO articles attracting thousands of monthly visitors, ghostwritten numerous works, and edited hundreds of content pieces across various industries. Currently, he works with Robert Taylor Media and has also worked with Tobi Digitals and Branditechture Design Agency, among others.

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