I Swallowed An Insect [How To Become More Acceptable Despite Your Flaws And Imperfections]4 min read

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People say you should embrace your flaws and imperfections, but I recommend you attempt drowning the flaws and imperfections in a pool of Value.

Last night, I was studying an online course I had bought, when I accidentally swallowed an insect.

It was not my fault. I was tired and thirsty when it happened

I had a  book on my makeshift table, a pen on one hand, and my phone on the other hand (I had the course on the phone). Then there was the bottle of water – I needed it since I always get dehydrated whenever I’m studying.

While studying, my eye caught something that looked like a fleck on the bottle of water. Looking closer I realised that it   was  a little insect – it looked like  an ant, but  tinier . I tried to remove it by running my index finger over the side of the container. I did this twice but it didn’t come off.

At first, I thought it was too tiny for my fingertip, but by the second attempt, I realized that it was actually inside the container – just above the water level.

I dropped my phone and picked up the container then shook it vigorously till the insect got mixed up with the water. Peering through the transparent container I could see the tiny insect floating atop the water. It was probably mocking my attempt at drowning it.

Creepy insects”, I thought to myself

Placing the container back on the table I picked up my phone again, still staring at the buoyant bug.

Disgusted, I said under my breath, “I won’t drink this water again, haba!” Then I continued with my study .

A while later I found myself gulping down half the water in the bottle with all relish to quench my thirst. Then I drank it all up, and it felt good.

Wait, what?!

I had totally forgotten about the insect 

Jeez!” I exclaimed

The thought of it was so disgusting I forced myself to throw up but couldn’t.

Then a thought came to my mind, “would you have drank this water if it wasn’t important, and if you weren’t thirsty ?

The rhetorical question had a simple answer: No!

Immediately I remembered John Obidi’s recent post on power, where he started, “ […] the reason you love some of them (referring to powerful and valuable people) is because there is nothing you can do about their power over you and submission is easier, but not wanting to accept overt subservience, you’ve probably made up a moral reason as well“.

I know his wordings can be a bit difficult to understand, so let me put it this way: When a powerful and important person does something wrong or has some flaws, it is unconsciously overlooked.

For fear of missing out, some may even consciously overlook or bear what they don’t like.

People swallow some insects along with the water because of thirst

How To Be Respected And Admired (Even With Flaws And Imperfections)

  1. Be Valuable: If so much precious water wasn’t in the container, nothing would have made me swallow that insect. The first step is to be the solution (pun intended).
  2. Play To People’s Desires: I won’t have been able to gulp the water with so much relish if I weren’t thirsty. Intentionally finding an existing problem you can be a solution to is as important as being the solution.

It is when you’re not valuable that people will remember and obsess about your flaws and imperfections. However, if the opposite is the case – i.e you are valuable and relevant – your imperfections will be easily forgiven by the masses. 

There are several examples of this at play – from the pregnancy of Rihanna to Will slapping Chris – the way the poor, and or “less valuable” people are judged and treated will never be the same as the way the rich and “more valuable” people are judged and treated

The crux of the matter is, to build yourself to the extent people won’t blatantly dismiss you or your opinions, even if there may be some bugs floating – because the benefits of recognizing you or your opinion outweigh the irritation you bring.

P.S: I found out there is nothing to worry about if you swallow an insect. It is actually nutritional and a lot of cultures have insects as part of their diet. So, I’m fine. Thanks for your concern

P.S.S: This post isn’t encouraging bad behaviors or flaws. It encourages you to build up yourself in knowledge, wealth, and power so much that you become so valuable that people have no choice but to accept you. Of course, if you can work on your flaws, you should.

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