How Building A Personal Brand On Social Media Improves Your Life [And 3 Important Steps To Begin With]6 min read

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10 years ago, when I started my activities on social media by opening a Facebook account I really didn’t know what I was doing.

But after a while, I got the hang of it and was tremendously excited when I started to get many followers!

Many people see Social Media as “Toxic”, but I don’t totally agree with that. Done right, social media can be a catalyst for growth in your personal life and business

Social media has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined for myself; from meeting amazing people, to finding great opportunities, it has really made my life better.

How To Approach Social Media

Before I delve into how to create a Personal brand for yourself and maximize the opportunities on social media, here are few things to keep in mind.

  • Do not be afraid to use your voice, even if you wonder how it will be received – as I mentioned in my previous article about perfectionism
  • Have fun with it! Relish in the opportunity of being able to share your writing, pictures, videos, etcetera., and remember why you started all this in the first place. It’s not about being perfect, but growing
  • Don’t compare yourself with others on social media. Comparison is a thief of joy
  • Be yourself. Be authentic. Work on your personal brand.

Now let’s continue to learn why building a personal brand on social is important in todays time

Why Is Creating A Personal Brand On Social Media Important In Today’s Time?

An impressive personal brand on social media is an incredibly powerful tool for everyone: Whether you are an employer or entrepreneur, a student or professor, a freelancer or blogger.

If you haven’t fully embraced one or more social media platforms as a crucial part of your endeavors in 2022, you are missing out on the opportunity to talk and engage directly with your ideal audience – strangers who would have otherwise been friends and fans.

Creating your personal brand on social media like LinkedIn means getting people to know, like, and trust you on the platform.

Why is this important?

This is because it encourages them to want to work with/for you, buy from you, or simply be friends with you. In essence, to expand your opportunities.

Below is a break down of how to build your personal brand and showcase your value. 

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3 Steps In Creating An Impressive Social Media Personal Brand

#1 Get An Appropriate Profile Image:

 A profile picture is an important element of someone’s online presence. And it does not have to be too complicated. Viewers simply should be able to recognize you at first glance!

If you put your photo wearing a mask, you are hiding yourself. Even worse, the absence of a face keeps people away; and this has nothing to do with beauty. 

If it is your deliberate choice (to hide your face ), do not waste your time finishing this article because showing/hiding your face affects the decisions and judgments that people make about the you, whether you accept it or not. 

It is the basis of your “personal” brand.

#2 Make Meaningful Connections:

Work on your professional network because people generally think highly of those you keep as company. 

Building your network builds your personal brand at the same time. 

To do this correctly, connect with entrepreneurs, former teachers, classmates, industry leaders, and other professionals who you think would resonate with you.

You don’t want to have followers who would never engage with your contents

Tip For Building Connection

Don’t be shy to connect with someone you don’t know. 

If you’re messaging them for the first time, you can include a personal note explaining why you’d like to connect with them. For example, “ I studied your article about X and was blown away by your idea.”. Surely that person would be more likely to accept your request.

#3 Regularly Share Content

People engage with different sources of information every day through multiple channels. The more you post, the more engagement you could drum up, and the more people are going to get familiar (know, like, and trust) you..

If you want to keep lines of communication open with your audience, I recommend you post at least 3 to 4 times a week for individuals.

However, there may be days you are not in the mood to upload, and that’s perfectly OK. 

Tips For Sharing Contents

  1. Identify social media matrix to focus on and establish a pattern for yourself. That is, pick specific niche or topics you’d love to talk about regularly
  2. If you find coming up with new content difficult, you can get inspiration by browsing social media #hashtags and following other content creators to see their updates and trends, and gain insights.
  3. Following the updates and insights that matter to you is good but not enough. You need to further streamline your feed by unfollowing connections whose updates you don’t need or want to see. Remember, it is always OK to cut off toxic or unhelpful people from your life, whether in reality or on your phone. This is not as easy as it seems. So, to make it as actionable as possible, I will provide guidelines for doing this in the next article, so stay tuned!

Conclusive Thoughts:

Today’s impressive professionals are all on social media. As soon as you begin building your brand online, many opportunities come knocking on your door. – far more than you can ever get offline.

For example, being on a platform like LinkedIn aids you to quickly joining communities of sophisticated professionals, which helps you stay up to speed with the industry. And, you also get to learn and get inspired by other wonderful people.

So, try to implement the tips given here; because using social media this way (the right way) improves your life in general.

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