Editorial Policy

Our standards at Pawns emphasize that impactful writing goes beyond personal beliefs.

Impactful writing hinges on three key principles:

  • Logic
  • Practicality
  • Scientific facts.

When we talk about logic, we mean expressing ideas through reasoning. Practicality involves writing about what works in real life, and scientific facts entail presenting truths based on experiments and observations.

Solid foundations are crucial for impactful writing, as beliefs alone can be vague, contradictory, or baseless.

Consider, for example, advice against drinking water before bed:

One source warns against it, claiming that drinking water before bed attracts the water spirit into your dreams. Another advises against it due to research findings that excess water at night can lead to bloating and discomfort, disrupting your sleep (the body’s repair process). This is caused by frequent bathroom trips and worsened conditions like acid reflux.

The question arises: who would we trust?

A naive person might heed the first advice out of ignorance or fear, but thoughtful individuals recognize the importance of evidence-based opinions.

That’s why, at Pawns, we prioritize critical thinking, realism, and research.

Pawns only publishes writings that are logically sound, practically oriented, and scientifically grounded. This is because we want our audience – i.e. young people interested in self-help and personal development – to really make use of these content to better their lives..

However, it’s acceptable for writers to incorporate stories (wether personal or borrowed) as well as insights from religious texts if they align with their writing. We believe this adds depth and personality to the content, helping it resonate with like-minded individuals.

This is how we collectively contribute to creating meaningful content that empowers and uplifts.

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