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If you want to sharpen your writing skill and become a good writer fast, here are all you need;

  1. Books that explain writing in simple terms
  1. Writing Daemon: 33 Tips to Become a Better and More Consistent Writer [worth #2,500]
  2. Become a Good Writer In Less Than 24hrs [worth #4,500].
  3. Professional Writer: How To Become A Well-Paid Writer With No Experience [Reserved for Contributors]
  4. Video guides that show you how to implement the lessons
    1. The Business of Writing. Discover how to: 
      • generate unlimited ideas, 
      • research and source for quality content, 
      • Search Engine Optimise (SEO) content, 
      • distribute content, as well as 
      • monetize the content [worth #14,900]

Grab everything for #47,000 #4,900


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If you want to start earning money writing, we have you covered with the…

Freelancing video guides, that show you how to land international high-paying clients 

    1. Fiverr Freelancing Guide: How to set up a Fiverr account for Success [worth #10,500]
    2. UpWork Guide: How to set up a working/verified Upwork account and start making more money [worth #12,000].

Freelance Writing Pays

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Even if you are someone who procrastinates or gives up easily, we have a community to motivate and inspire you

You will be welcomed into our community to meet other writers and brilliant minds. [This is priceless]

In total, that’s over #47,000 worth of resources for you. 

Everything to make you a successful writer.

Hop on this opportunity for #47,000 #4,900

Bonus: My team and I will also give you unlimited reviews and feedback for any content you write after purchasing this program. The only condition is that the content must be related to self-help/personal development, and published on our blog. However, this content will be published in your name, and you can link to your social media handles and website (if you have one). So, it is a way of both learning more, as well as building your portfolio (and website backlink if you have a website).

How Would You Get The Resources?

The resources – ebooks and videos – are stored on a drive online. 

Once you make payments, you will be given lifetime access to all the resources, immediately.

Ready to get started?

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What People Are Saying About It:

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Can Your Account Receive a 400,000 Naira Deposite Right Now?

This was an important question I forgot to ask myself when I started freelance writing in 2020.

My name is Dick David and I am an SEO content writer.

I used to charge 15k a month as a blogger, and 900 naira for my ebooks.

This was not bad for a young graduate with no job. 

But I knew I could make a lot more from writing.

About a month after I started freelancing, I got my first Gig on Fiverr. It was $5. 

Then I got another $5, then $10, $35, $60, and so on.

In no time I was making 50 to 80k monthly when I converted it to naira.

After I got the 100k alert I noticed I couldn’t recharge or send money with my First Bank account. 

When I called the Customer Care line, they said my account was temporarily frozen for KYC reasons. They asked me to come to the bank with some documents. 

But I didn’t have the time. I had work to do. So, I sent the remaining funds to my Union Bank account (it was another 100k+).

And again, my account got frozen. KYC reasons. 

When I got to the bank, they told me it was because my account was a student account and that I couldn’t receive more than 100k at once.

Fast forward to 2023, and I am getting a 400k+ alert.

The lessons are

  • Sometimes, we are not ready for the blessing we want. 
  • Secondly, and most importantly, you need to believe and work hard for what you want.

If you are ready to take this writing thing seriously, this is the time to start.

It’s only #47,000 #4,900

Can I Make Money Writing?

When you go to learn to tailor, you don’t ask if you’ll make money from tailoring.

You already know the value of sewing because you wear clothes every day, and didn’t get them for free. 

But, you doubt if you’ve paid for a piece of writing before. You doubt if writing is that valuable. So, you wonder if writers make any money.

But here is the thing

  • You’ve paid for TEXTBOOKS (everyone in your class paid).
  • You’ve paid to read STORY BOOKS 
  • You’ve read BLOGS with ADs 
  • You’ve read WRITTEN PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS which encouraged you to BUY (and people spend huge sums of money after reading those)
  • Your meds, gadgets, and vehicles all come with WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS. 
  • You’ve subscribed to listen to SONGS which were first WRITTEN before being sang
  • You’ve paid to see MOVIES that were WRITTEN
  • And so on.

You’ve been paying writers all your life. (Everyone pays writers, every day).

Writing has helped you since you were a baby, and you will still need it till your last day.

So, the question is not “if you can make money”, but “how?”.

How can you start making a lot of money from writing?

You can make money 

  • Writing and selling your books (to your fans/followers). You can write a book about anything, even if it is how to cook noodles, grow an Instagram page, or whatever you can think of. If you google it, you will most likely find a book already written with people buying it already.
  • Writing on your blog and getting paid to display ads on your website. When you see advertisements on websites, it means the owner of the website is getting paid.
  • Writing compelling product descriptions and copy for businesses. One thing businesses struggle with is convincing people to buy from them. If you can write in a way that people have the confidence to buy a product, the business owner will pay you for that. Of course, you can also use this skill to sell your own products (or affiliate products).
  • Writing Social Media content for online brands. The content that you consume on social media is written by people. It is easy to think that the people who write those funny, entertaining, inspirational, or educational content are jobless, but in fact, many of them get paid to do that – because it is what brings the followers, and followers are later turned into buyers. 
  • Writing SEO blog posts. If you know how to write in such a way that what you write can show up on search engines like Google and Bing, business owners will pay you lots of $$$$ to help them write more and more content.
  • Etcetera.

There are numerous ways to make money from writing, and you can even combine them to make more money.

For example, I blog, freelance, and book publishing all at once. 

So you see, writing can become a business – with multiple streams of income.

You can employ yourself.

You can make money.

And, you don’t need a boss to begin. 

Why not begin today for #47,000 #4,900

What Other Benefits Does Writing Have?

Writing helps you 

  • Improve communication: Writing is a fundamental form of communication, and developing the skill and habit of writing allows you to break down complex ideas into smaller, more manageable chunks, making them easier to understand and explain to others.
  • Better problem-solving and critical thinking: Writing requires organising thoughts, making connections, and evaluating information. By practising these skills through writing, you become a better problem-solver and critical thinker.
  • Increased memory retention: Writing can help you retain information better, whether it is writing down key points from a lecture or keeping a journal.
  • Career advancement: Writing is a valuable skill in many fields, such as journalism, marketing, and education. Developing the skill and habit of writing can open up new career opportunities for you. Even application letters got to be written.
  • Improved academic performance: Writing is a fundamental skill in many academic disciplines, from the sciences to the humanities. Developing the skill and habit of writing can help you improve your research skills, organise your thoughts, and express yourself more clearly in essays and other written assignments.
  • Stress relief and mental well-being: Writing can be a therapeutic tool for managing stress and emotions. By writing about your feelings, you can process and release them, leading to improved mental well-being.
  • Opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement: Writing can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. By regularly reflecting on your experiences, thoughts, and emotions, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and work towards self-improvement.
  • Increased productivity: Writing can help you stay organised and focused on your goals. Writing down tasks and deadlines can help you stay on track and increase productivity.
  • Enhanced creativity: Thinking hard about what to write can help you get used to tapping into your creativity and generating new ideas.
  • Increased empathy and understanding: Writing can also help you to see things from different perspectives and understand the experiences of others. This can lead to increased empathy and understanding of diverse perspectives.
  • Building a sense of community: Writing, especially blogging or sharing written work online, can create a sense of community and connection. By sharing your experience and perspective, it invites others who share similar experiences or perspective to connect with you. This can also open up new opportunities for collaboration.
  • Creating a record of life events: Keeping a journal or diary can help you to remember and reflect on important life events and experiences. It also allows you to look back on your growth and development over time.
  • Personal satisfaction: Writing can be a rewarding and satisfying activity in its own right. The act of putting thoughts and ideas into words can give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
  • Building a portfolio of work: Writing can help you to build a portfolio of work that you can use to showcase your skills and achievements to potential employers or clients.
  • Inspiring and teaching others: Writing can be a powerful tool for inspiring and educating others. By sharing personal stories, experiences, and perspectives, you can help others to see things in a new way.
  • Building a personal brand: By sharing your expertise and experiences, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field.
  • Making Money: You can charge money for your ability to put words together, communicate ideas, and influence readers.

And so on.

The question is, are you ready to start your writing journey?

Get the “Simple and Elegant Art of Writing” program now for #47,000 #4,900

  • Can I learn with my phone?

    Yes, you can learn and practice with your phone.

  • How long will the training last?

    This is not a training. It's a program. We will give you ebooks and video courses. You will have lifetime access to the resources. Plus, we offer free mentorship to those interested in writing for our blog.

  • How long will it take me to master writing?

    As a skill, you will have to dedicate time and effort to it. Everyone has a learning curve, but you should be decent at writing after 3 to 6 months of intensive practice. That is why we gave you lifetime access to the materials and created this group where you can ask questions.

  • What if I change my mind after paying?

    If you demand a refund after making payments, you will get your full money back. But this request must be made within 1 week after payment. After which you will be removed from the VIP group, and your access to the resources will be revoked.

  • I can't pay using the link. Can I transfer the money to you?

    Yes, if you can not make a payment using the online payment gateway, you can request my account details and make your payment.

  • I have a special question

    If you have further questions, please message us on WhatsApp <<< click

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