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The World Is Waiting To Read Your Writing!

I [Dick David] have always been a writer. 

I’ve been writing in my diaries since I was about 14.

And, even now I still have a diary. 

But, I don’t write much about it these days. 

I now do most of my writing on my blog.

Whenever I’m not writing on my blog, I’m writing for clients (who pay me a lot of money).


When I was a kid, I wrote to express my thoughts and feelings.

It could be about a girl, a movie, a dream, or something I read in the Bible.

There really was no structure or purpose to it other than that I expressed myself.

And, then I hide it in my school bag or under my pillow.

It was my personal thing.

But, life has gotten SERIOUS.

And, we both know society only rewards you for what you can offer to other people.

Hence, any writing that is done in private is more or less useless to society – no one will pay you for having a personal diary.

But, they will gladly pay if you could somehow make that diary public and important to them.

Pardon me for bringing up money so much, but you know without money you can’t buy new clothes or help people you care about. The world runs on money.

So, it’s important to learn how to transform your writing into something useful to society.

You can’t just write random thoughts for society.

No one wants to waste their time reading someone else’s sob stories.

People want to read what can benefit them – what will make them feel good or SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

And, understanding this is at the core of you rekindling your passion for writing, and bringing you success!


Imagine this: You walked into your boss’s office and convinced them to increase your pay. And they did.

Then, you went back home and wrote down exactly what transpired in your diary – you wrote down how you dressed, what you said, the questions you were asked, and how you responded. You wrote down every detail in your dear diary and as usual, hid it away.

However, the next week your friend informed you that they too just got a raise. In fact, their salary was doubled.

Surprised, you asked them how they did it.

Then, to your surprise, they replied, “I went through your diary when you were not looking and did exactly what you wrote”.

But, just before you could yell at them for going through your personal stuff, they gave you #10,000 naira cash. 

They informed you it was a little “Thank you” for the helpful information in that diary – which has now increased their salary from 80k to 160k monthly!


I want you to realise that your writing has the power to change someone’s life.

But, more importantly, IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE

I’ve got clients who paid me $50 for writing less than 800 words – that’s shorter than some Facebook posts.


But, it doesn’t always have to be about money. 

The things you aren’t writing about can 

  • get them a job, 
  • save someone’s marriage, 
  • help them pass their exams, 
  • save them from going to jail, 
  • save them from a kidney transplant, and 
  • help them become better people in general.

I can’t recall how many people have messaged me thanking me after reading my books or blog posts.

I help some people overcome their fears, other times I educate them on how to achieve their goals.

And, the best part of it is that writing content society appreciates is not so different from writing in your diary.

You only need to understand a few things.

You need to know

  • A) what people are looking to read
  • B) the best way to present the content
  • C) How to get rewarded for your efforts.

It’s as simple as ABC.

But, simple is not always easy.

If it was, everyone would have been a writer.


Thankfully, we have put together a program that will help you discover the secrets, avoid the mistakes, and accelerate your success as a writer.

We call it the Simple and Elegant Art of Writing Program.

The program is designed to turn you into a professional writer in no time.

What is inside the Simple and Elegant Art of Writing Program?

You will learn how to: 

  • Find your niche, tone, and style.
  • Write better captions and introductions.
  • How to get ideas (so you where to get information from, and avoid writer’s block)
  • How to structure your content (so it’s easy to navigate, read, and understand)
  • How to write your draft (so you never feel lost or overwhelmed by a writing project)
  • Make your writing more engaging and compelling. 
  • Tell stories and persuade.
  • How to edit your content (so it is error-free and well-formatted)
  • Organize and compile a full book.
  • How to do keyword research and carry out Search Engine Optimization (using different platforms and keyword research tools to know what people want to read about)
  • How to write captivating captions (so that people don’t ignore your writings, using different formulas and frameworks)
  • [Better] structure blog posts.
  • How to publish your content on WordPress
  • How to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to write better content faster and easier.
  • Find happy paying clients and customers, and 
  • Position yourself to charge higher.

And so on.

In the program, you will be given a lot of resources, including 

  • 3 full ebooks that will teach you all you need to become a good writer, even if you haven’t written in ages. These books include
    • Writing Daemon: 33 Tips For Better And Consistent Writing
    • Become A Good Writer In Less Than 24hrs
    • Professional Writer: How To Become A Paid Writer With No Experience 
  • Over a dozen recorded videos (7.7hrs+ long) to show you the process of generating ideas, researching, writing, formatting, and publishing. These videos include lessons on
    • How to make your first 1M naira from Writing [Expert Interview]
    • How to blow your reader’s mind
    • How to structure your content [using Headings]
    • How to find questions people are asking [So you can write what people want to read]
    • How to get unlimited inspiration and content
    • How to write very good SEO content [+ using Artificial Intelligence]
    • Live edits [So you see how it is done]
    • How to set up a freelancing account [both for Fiverr and Upwork]

And so on.

Plus, I and my team will be there to 

  • Answer your questions. 
  • Give you feedback.
  • Encourage you.

This program has helped a lot of people achieve their writing dreams

For example 

The Simple and Elegant Art of Writing Review

And guess what, the program only costs 10,500 naira only.

That’s less than the price of a good shoe. 

To get the program, click the button below.

Testimonial Bamise

Over 150 people have taken this course so far; 

And we keep adding more and more resources to it.

Now, the thing is, whenever we add more value to the course, the price increases.

However, those who had already purchased the course get to enjoy the benefits at no extra charge.

So, why not get it today, the price will only go up in future. 

Invest in your passion and dreams now!

What to consider:

  • Please note that this is not a mentorship, course, or ebook. It is a program where you get ebooks, courses, and reviews for your work. It is ALL IN ONE 
  • If you hate reading – that is, if you can’t at least read a book from start to finish – this program is not for you. This is because you must read the ebooks and watch the videos from start to finish before you can hope to see results. 
  • This program is for people who are willing to commit time and effort to becoming good writers. We do not promise quick money. If you want to start making 100k monthly and above from the first month of signing up, this program is not for you.
The Simple and elegant art of writing program review

Key information:

  • All the content for the program is uploaded to an online drive and you will be given access. This means you can go through them anytime you like.
  • We do not determine how long it will take you to consume all the resources and start practising or applying. That is entirely up to you.
  • However, we will remain active in the group and do our best to keep you motivated and on track. You can also reach out to us anytime. But, keep in mind that we can’t force you to complete the program.
  • You have lifetime access to the ebooks and resources.
The Simple And Elegant Art of Writing Program 1
The Simple And Elegant Art of Writing Program 2
The Simple And Elegant Art of Writing Program 3

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What type of writing does this program teach? The content is mainly focused on SEO content writing. The ideas here can easily be translated into book writing, as well as writing on social media. However, it does not cover poetry or technical writing. The writing we focus on is mainly simple, expository, and educational forms of writing.
    2. Are there any prerequisites or specific skills needed? We highly recommend that you are already familiar with the English language. It will be a bonus if you know how to type. Having a laptop will also be a huge advantage, however, you can still make use of your smartphone. 
    3. Is this program suitable for beginners or experienced writers? The program is designed to help new and intermediate writers become professionals. However, if you are a more experienced writer, you can reach out and tell us the specific area you are having a challenge in. If this is something the course covers, we will let them know, else we will refer you to something or someone else.
    4. How long will it take to see results? This is not within our control. Everyone has different learning curves and the amount of time you dedicate to learning and practising will also determine. However, on average, we have seen people drastically improve their writing within 6 months of signing up. 
    5. What kind of support and feedback will I receive? We have a WhatsApp group where we stay in touch. Also, when you write your content on Google Docs, we will leave comments and suggestions on it. That is usually sufficient for our clients, but we will also hop on a call with you if that is necessary.  
    6. Are there any guarantees? Your effort is the guarantee. If you can promise not to give up too soon, we promise that you will see results.
    7. How much time commitment is required? If you can dedicate 15-30 mins every day to reading the ebooks or watching the video, that will be sufficient.
    8. Do I have to complete the course within a specific timeframe? No. It is self-paced. However, we recommend you take part in the challenges (which are often timebound).
    9. What payment methods are accepted, and is there a refund policy? You can pay online or through bank transfer. You can ask for a refund 7 days after purchase if you are not satisfied (which is highly unlikely). Keep in mind that 7 days is hardly enough to consume all the content.


    Do you have other questions, or are having challenges paying? don’t hesitate to reach us on WhatsApp.

Hurry, the price increases soon!!!!

Discover the secrets, avoid the mistakes, and accelerate your success as a writer.

The price of the program will increase in the future.