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Who could guess forcing a smile could actually make you smile, likable and subsequently a very happy person
I never knew the importance of smiling; I never really consider what was hidden behind a sweet smile until…

During my first year in the University , when I was still opening up my file in my department , I dabbled into several offices and met many people, however there was this particular lady I could never get off my mind, she was fair and really beautiful , she was the secretary of my HOD(Head of department) , we(newly admitted students) were required to submit our documents to her for processing, the task was straight forward, walk into the office and hand over your documents , wait for her to sign and stamp , and then walk out. it didn’t take up to five minutes, yet I could never get the thought of that lady off my mind, no, not even at this very moment. No, no my thoughts of her isn’t lustful, it is a sense of admiration and calm, I actually felt relaxed every single time I was to walk into her office, it didn’t really matter if I was prepared or not. Remember it was my first time outside the comfort of home and parents, all alone in a strange city, yet I felt safe around her, I felt she would help me solve all my problems
At first I thought it was her beauty that charmed me, but I was dead wrong. Few months into the University-life I would come across dozens of jaw droopingly gorgeous ladies who would not strike me as half as approachable as the lady in that office, what was the secret?


The answer was: her smile

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I recently saw a whatsapp status update by a friend who addressed me as a kind person with a contagious smile, I was more than flattered, yet going back a few years back to when I was in Secondary school (High school), I was addressed as rude, snobby and in fact unfriendly.
I still retained some of these characteristics even during my first and second year in the university, however, things changed when I grew increasingly uncomfortable with my personality, I sort the solution and found it.


With increasing unease with my predicament I lunched into the internet, seeking knowledge on how to be likable and attractive to people, during my quest I came across many articles but one stuck to my mind.
It was story of a Lady who actually used the power of smiling to make everyone involved in the story happier and more loving. I wish I could find the blog post, I would have loved to shear the full story, however it was something like this:

She (let’s call her Mary) narrated how she observed that the canteen Lady in her school (I’m not sure where anymore) usually dished out meals like a robot— emotionless, dull and as a matter of fact gloomy (she was probably thinking about her wages or something). Mary explained how she felt displeased with this and then decided to practice something she had learnt—Smiling contagiously. So Mary queued up and when it was her turn, with a smile only the Angels could mimic she greeted the Lady “Good day”, the Lady instantly got infected with the smile and responded with a warm “I’m fine, and you?”. She continued her onslaught of radiant beautiful smiles on the Lady and amazingly the Lady appeared to dish out more rations to Mary than she would to others. After some time, Mary had to leave town, all forms of interactions where broken. However, at a later date, at an event Mary was approached by an overjoyed lady who seemed extremely pleased just setting eyes on her, after exchanging pleasantries, the Lady inquired if Mary knew who she was, Mary didn’t realize at the time but it was the same old canteen lady she always smiled at, you can guess what happened next.

HOW TO GET AND USE THE SUPER POWER-the contagious smile

Believe it or not, smiles influence us in ways we cannot simply phantom, it always works on me and I’ve seen it work on several people, and it’s a good thing it does
Did you know that the Brain releases a Hormone called Dopamine every single time we smile, even if it was a faked or forced smile, and Dopamine in effect makes us feel good/happy which in turn actually makes us smile genuinely?
Yes, yes that’s the truth, speaking from experience cultivating a habit of smiling simply required you to, you know—smile
After reading the Article by Mary where she narrated her story, I decided to do something about myself, I actually decided to carry out an exercise, I called it SMILLING LESSONS.

SMILING LESSONS-how i got my superpowers


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In the morning those days, I would stand in front of the mirror or I’ll turn on my selfie camera and smile at it (looking ridiculous most of the time, but who cares), after which I would dress up and on my way to lectures I would constantly remind myself to smile, few smiles here and there, some smiles actually being reciprocated and others kinda ignored. I proceeded, determined to change my old ways of wearing a dull unattractive face (even though I may sincerely like someone or something)
Soon the lessons paid off, just two years later I’ve had friends (mostly females), admire my smile.

The good thing about undergoing the SMILLING LESSONS is that you’ll soon discover that smiling is actually easier than looking lifeless or frowning
I personally feel more comfortable around people these days, at least I’m sure I’m not radiating any negative cues, and if anyone had negative responses towards me it was actually how they felt and that had nothing to do with me (at least most part)


In conclusion I encourage you to keep smiling ever so beautifully and if you aren’t yet smiling I urge you to do so.

One final note, when you meet people for the first time and you smile at them, that would be the only thing they would know about you untill you tell them more(that isnt a bad memory to leave with people even if you arnt going to talk with them for long).. I’ll leave something nice behind to start the smiling, here we go:

A VEEY SHORT STORY: A guy saw a girl at a party, she was holding onto her full cup of cocktail, not looking particularly interested in anything, she in fact seemed a little bored so he walks up to her and drops these lines on her “what’s that on your face? Oh , must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. Hey, it’s not coming off!”, her face lit-up with smiles as they started talking and dancing all night.

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