SEX AND THE UNIVERSITY: when should I Have Sex?

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Everyone knows the University is full of boys and girls, and with a little search you can find someone you like and that also like you and voila! sex happens. it’s a university, its an ocean of hot boys and girls. but some people for some personal reason always wonder when should I have sex?

although I’ll love to give an exact age and time, I think we need to chill a little bit, and first understand what this whole sex thing is about before diving headfirst into peoples orifices

You see, unlike the beverages that our parents usually send us off to school with, we don’t really get sex as one of the supplies; this is because unlike food and water, we don’t need sex to survive. This is the reason Monks and Popes don’t collapse and die of sex-starvation

It is the habit of those who vandalize people’s genitals to always make it seem that whoever is not participating in the vandalization has a terrible life. But sex won’t necessarily make you happier than you already are. though lack of it won’t make you happier either

Maybe you don’t know what sex is. Allow me to explain

when should I Have Sex?
what an amazing sex

Sex is a psychological need, it has to do with feelings, I know, I know, they always claim that they don’t get emotional about it , but that’s a lie, I’ve been in the university for more than four years, I’ve come in contact with countless playboys and girls, and I can tell you that they have a truckload of emotional baggage that they carry about.

Don’t be deceived, there are no superhumans without feelings who goes about doing things without ever feeling any emotional impact, even Thanos cried in the movie Avengers.


Since there are billions of people who are raised in countless different ways and conditions, it is near impossible to state and declare a single standard for sex.

Sex is no doubt pleasurable, mere looking at people having sex is pleasurable, however, these actions are not as important as the emotions behind them

When it comes to finding the person to have sex with, so many factors motivate us, sometimes it could be a desire to feel wanted, cherished and understood, other times it could be a desire to be respected and seen as high-class, and at another time it may be a desire to be protected, secured in a good lasting relationship

  • Desire to be cherished and understood
  • Desire to be seen as high-class
  • A desire to relax and trust

When these emotional needs are not properly understood, they can lead to very dark places, and we all have a mixture of these desires, some higher in proportion to others

For example:

A girl who is a recluse but craves love and attention; if this girl should by any means be persuaded by her friends to go to the club, and at the club she bumps into a guy who seems to be all over her, treating her like the center of the universe, she could so easily be convinced to sleep with him.

And we all know how that goes, right? the next morning she is sent off, no names or phone numbers exchanged, she gets back to her hostel feeling used and discarded, she feels like a piece of rotting dog shit, then she calls all men dogs and blames her friends for setting her up

uhmm…Men are not dogs. And that doesn’t happen all the time by the way

sex dog
men are dogs..right?

most times, with the anger and hatred, such girls would get their values flipped over, and begin to feel entitled, enraged, and start granting sex in exchange for something superficial (but we all know its true love she craves).

Sorry for the boy she meets next time, how she would drain his account and possibly have sex with him only to never to talk to him again, just for revenge

of course, this feeling of revenge and anger would be unconscious

SEX AND THE UNIVERSITY: the emotional weight behind sex
emotional baggage

that’s a classic example.

I’m not discouraging sex, I just wanted to let you understand that it is not always what it seems. Don’t envy people who bang all the girls or boys, it’s a psychological need, they might just be fucked up in their heads and are just venting, but they would never admit. That’s not to say that people don’t have intimate sex for the right reasons

sex is a wonderful thing, you must know what it is you want before you rush and end up messing up your mind. Remember you don’t need it to survive, it’s for pleasure and that pleasure can easily turn to pain if you make wrong choices.

enough of scaring you. Let me show you how to find a nice person to fondle their sex organs and have the time or times of your life with


First, if someone isn’t totally crazy about you just forget about the person, you would only bring yourself much pain at the end. That is not to say you shouldn’t put any effort, far from that, you should, but it should be within reasonable limits and you should always look out for feedback.

If she/he seems ambivalent about you, maybe its because they are looking for something deeper about you, this is the time, to be honest about who you are, if you smoke or pray a lot, you should probably let them know about that, you should let them know your strengths and weaknesses as well, this would obviously make you feel vulnerable, but that’s the magic

This Honesty is essential because you are being who you are, and this is the person they would end up having sex with or having a relationship with, and you don’t want to pretend at the beginning because that would mean you would have to pretend throughout the relationship or sex, which obviously isn’t so gravy, and would only lead to breakups or unmet expectations

On the other hand, you should closely watch the person’s behavior, try not to be caught in the heat of the moment, it is always wise to get to know them better. This doesn’t mean you should keep them waiting for years, I can’t give the time span either, it’s all up to you.

Whatever your decision is, always remember, have sex and date only people you really like


Ready for sex

If you’ve read this far, hopefully, you must have understood the point of this article, if you haven’t, here are the key things I wanted you to go home with

  1. Don’t focus on the action, there is always emotional baggage (which can be good sometimes or nasty at other times)
  2. You won’t die of lack of sex, obviously. right? …
  3. Be confident and take your time (someone likes you, and I mean a lot)
  4. Discover the thing you want most (you don’t have to date the finest person, beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder)
  5. Only date and have sex with people you really like
  6. Avoid dishonest people and those who try to play with your feelings (your feeling is the reason you got into the whole sex thing in the first place. Always remember that)
  7. Remember you can always stay without sex, you won’t die or be missing much, as long as you are happy. That’s really all that counts in the long run

I’m David, an artist, writer, blogger, thinker, entrepreneur. I am still learning and I’m getting better. I’m the PAWN

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