Motivational sayings/words are like drugs, we all get high on them, feeling we could lift a mountain with our sheer force of unshakable will, the sad truth is we can’t , it sucks to admit , but like a wise once said “if you wish to move a mountain you have to start moving the small pieces of rock”. Remember you don’t own a green lantern ring

Even the above statement begs the question, why?

Why would I wish to accomplish the task of moving an entire mountain? which on its own is impossible unless I start moving little pieces of rocks little by little, why should I even undergo such a time and energy consuming task?

The answer to that question is the particular reason this article was written. Why the hell should I move a mountain?

To answer that I’ll tell you a quick story about a man who actually moved a mountain


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Once upon a time in a community called Gehlour, where its inhabitants where considered the lowest of the low in a caste-ridden society (meaning they were denied basics: water supply, electricity , school or medical centres), there lived a man called Dashrath Manjhi, and like all other men he had to climb a 300-foot mountain each day in order to get to work and access the basic amenities which the mountain made sure wasn’t accessible to them

One day when his wife was bringing him food and water as usual she tripped and injured herself badly, seeing this the young man decided that he would carve a path through the mountain. So from then on he kept dedicating a few hours each day to chipping away few layers of rock

Years later after little progress, his wife fell ill, unfortunately the mountain was still standing in the way, unable to make the long journey across the mountain the wife passed away. This enraged him, and so he decided that no other person would ever suffer the fate his wife had suffered

He worked ever more hardly, often getting hurt by falling rocks and being beaten by the unrelenting scorching heat of the sun he pushed on. Ten years later people began to see a cleft in the mountain and some came to help calling him “BABA”

Few years later the vision was accomplished. Within 22 years he had managed to carve out 360 feet long and 30 feet wide road across the mountain (literally lifting the obstacle out of the way), Making the nearest community with all the doctors, jobs and schools just 5 kilometres away from his village and other 60 other neighbouring villages.

You must have figured out the reason for this story by now, if you haven’t here it is

Like Friedrich Nietzsche said “a man that has a why can overcome any how” …this man had a driving force , his pain, his loss, those where his motivations, he didn’t want any other person to undergo what he just went through so he started moving the mountain

Now here’s the problem with motivational speeches; they keep telling you that if you’re determined that you could move any mountain, this statement on its own is correct but determination and focus do not arise from our whim to have money, a car, a big house, or whatever, they have to be hitched on something, something dear to us, something in our core, something that we are ready to dedicate our lives to accomplishing.

Someone growing up in a very poor family understands fully the pain of lack, he is not getting money because he loves the papers, no, he’s going after that paper because he doesn’t want to keep suffering and don’t want his offspring’s to suffer same


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Take a time out, be alone, re-evaluate your life, ask yourself, what do I really want?, what is driving me?, what am I longing for? , After you have fully reached down and gotten all your innermost desires laid before you then you ask the final question ; Why?

Like I stated in my previous post (this is why you never came first in school), I made it clear that the reason some children excel and some fail, is not necessarily because their parents have more conducive reading environment or that their parents get them books or that they are more intelligent , nope, far from the truth, in fact the truth is very boring, the truth is that , whereas other boys and girls considered having boyfriends and girlfriend and prolly being the best in sports ,these selected few, the best of the best in class decided that their grades was more important, they made good “grades” and “A’s” the reason they came to school ( they made it their why)


Answer: listen to them after you’ve stated your “why”

They are meant to drive you but you got to have a destination, don’t think money is your why because like love and trust, if you seek it would elude you,

So far I’ve observed the best things in life comes when we stop chasing and focus on ourselves,

We become trust worthy when we develop characteristics such as honesty, contentment and respect within us, we get money when we develop our financial acumen as well as our ability to relate with people, no magic it’s all very boring like a seed growing into a tree- but it’s worth it

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