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for its sake is like a smelly bowl of horseshit, then it gives you diarrhea. No, really, it backfires.

I have given an insight into the nature of discipline in my previous article (this is why you never came first in class)

The truth is that you can never force anyone or even yourself to do anything, and continue doing it unless “meaning” is attached to it

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Amazing artists like Beyonce are very good in producing great music, the create buzz that never seems to die down until the next track is dropped and because of their continual productivity the whole thing snowballs, giving them a cult-like following

During 2007 there was this outburst of news that the Illuminati, Beyoncé, Jay z and all other awesome rap artists where dancing naked in the rain and selling their souls to the Baphomet. Okay, I made up the naked rain dance part, but the story was everywhere.

People believe what they want to believe, however, I think they missed the point the artists were trying to make

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WORDS AND EMOTIONS – understand people on a deeper level

Words on the surface appear to be the major means by which we humans communicate but in order to understand people, we need to pay closer attention to subtleties.

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An Asshole

HOW TO BE AN ASSHOLE IN 15 STEPS – the best lifestyle ever

Because being an asshole can be such a wonderful way to live, I decided to give my 15 quick and dirty super easy steps on how to be an asshole, because its the best lifestyle ever and I don’t want you missing out

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We have all heard about peer pressure, however for some unknown reason we seem to ignore it, and at worst deny it. It is indeed quite uncomfortable to imagine or admit that someone else is directly influencing our behavior, but It doesn’t always have to be this way. We could actually find this phenomenon quite helpful

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The one secret to achieving your dreams isn’t really a secret, in fact, its so commonplace that no one notices it, yet it controls all our fates

In my first year in the university, I was kind of nerdy, I didn’t even know how to shake people and snap my finger (snapping fingers after a handshake is like a ritual in Nigeria, mind you). I felt really out of place, it was the university, no parents, no relations not even former friends, all things were new and you had to associate, to build a new circle of friends, it was indeed horrible not to know something this basic, the lifeblood of University socialization.

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DEALING WITH REJECTION – don’t mess up your chances of being friend-zoned


We got it all wrong, I wonder how we didn’t see this all this while

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4 FUNNY REASONS YOU GOT FRIEND ZONED –  maybe they aren’t that funny

They always say that the most successful person in the room is the person that has failed the most. On that account don’t feel bad if you’ve just gotten friend-zoned, it means you’re trying. However, here are 4 funny reasons you got friend-zoned.

 I know this isn’t really a funny topic, but once you cross the friend-zone and get into a relation-ship, then you would most likely remember this article and laugh.

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RISING ABOVE A CORRUPT WORLD – with emphasis on Nigeria

In Life No matter how much you plan your life, it would still be distorted in more ways than you would wish to be conscious of because the world is corrupt, but there is a way out. and it involves your thinking about others first. this is a guide to rising above a corrupt world

I grew up in a relatively unknown and little town in Nigeria, in this little town death was a characteristic thing, we woke up each day to hear that at least two young men were killed in a gang clash, things were really that bad. This is my attempt to give anyone that reads this a reason to rise above the corrupt system.

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SEX AND THE UNIVERSITY: when should I Have Sex?

Everyone knows the University is full of boys and girls, and with a little search you can find someone you like and that also like you and voila! sex happens. it’s a university, its an ocean of hot boys and girls. but some people for some personal reason always wonder when should I have sex?

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