Wow! this is so beautiful
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Ogbonna Blessing
Physicists and Business owner
Your work is very nice. She loved it a lot
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Ani Chinonso
Computer Engineer, laptop repairer, and Business owner
It is very beautiful. Thankio!
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This is How it's Created for you - 8 mins video

Reasons to Buy Art

This is the moment when I am supposed to try my best to persuade you to buy Art, but I don’t want to do it that way. I want to rather explain the circumstances where you should probably get art instead of a cake.

There are several reasons people buy things, sometimes its to look good or make someone happy and other times its to solve a problem. Well, the truth is that Art falls into all these categories, and does so in a unique way.


I still remember the day I presented an Artwork to my mom, She danced and hugged me. That very instant I understood that Art can make me look good in her eyes, it made her happy, plus it also beautified the house.

Till this date, whenever I get into the living room, I look up and smile before I turn on the TV, the good feeling and memory never dies…

Art speaks to our souls, we don’t know why but we would always prefer looking at a peacock over a dock. Aesthetics is in nature to a plethora extent. Have you ever walked through a beautiful garden before?

Artists recreate that beauty and wonder of nature on any surface and medium.

Art is more than a Gift or decoration. It is a story, a life, it is emotions expressed in an awesome and beautiful way, it is deeper than words can express.

So, If you are aiming at getting something special and timeless, I would suggest Art.

Art is not cheap nor is it expensive, it is simply priceless and worth it.

I aim to give you the best Gift. I wish to give you Art that you and your loved ones would look at and smile even till old age. Art that would speak emotions, art that makes you look good Art that is Beautiful.

A beautiful Girl smiling besides an Art work of herself. A reason to buy Art

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The price depends on the size and Nature of the Art.. They are affordable with the Smaller sizes at 12 thousand Naira only (the cost of Canvassing and Framing is included in this amount)

Sure, You can see previous works above (or Visit @iamdickdavid_art on Instagram)

This depends on the size and Nature of the work. On average, it takes 1week to get your work done and delivered, but it could be less

Yes, your Art can be delivered to any location within Nigeria. 

If you live outside Nigeria, then you’ll have to cover shipping fee

You would be required to pay half the money in order to show your commitment, after which your work would be started and pictures (and even videos) of it would be sent to you on completion. You would then be required to complete the Payment to get your work Framed and Delivered to you


Payment can be done via Bank transfer, Cash or Paystack (more payment options may be acceptable)

Honestly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love compliments, and this is the best compliment I can think of. All my previous clients have always testified how the Gifted person always Blushes and thanks them deeply after being presented with the Amazing Gift


It’s Art, it’s always worth it.


Contact me (Mr Dick David) Now to get your Art: WhatsApp 08134162353 


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Get our free eBook on how to live a happy and meaningful life when you input your email now.

Join us on Telegram Pawns for more