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Hello, I'm Dick David: An Artist, Writer And Thinker. And, I'm Honored To Have You Here.

On this website you would find the answers to many pressing questions you have, or at least, a better understanding of the situation at hand. Wait! before you proceed, I need you to understand that though ideas are the most useful tools Humans posses, nothing really happens unless they are used. So, I urge you to act on what you learn; and of course, apply discretion.

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How Does Self-Love Change Your Life

How Does Self-love Change Your Life?

Growing up as a child wasn’t a very smooth and pleasant experience for me because I was faced with many challenges which were so unhealthy for me. I grew up having to worry about my appearance and what the public thought of me. 

8 Simple Ways To Build, Improve, And Regain Self-Confidence

8 Simple Ways To Build, Improve, And Regain Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is not hereditary, it has nothing to do with your social status, and age has no bearing on it. In fact, low or lack of self-confidence is an issue almost everyone struggles with at some point in their lives. That is why this piece would expose 8 simple ways to build, improve, and regain your self-confidence.

Why Is It Important To not Give Up on Yourself

Why Is It Important To Not Give Up On Yourself – [5 Inspiring Reasons]

Why is it important to not give up on yourself? because to give up on yourself is to betray yourself and the world at large.  I have seen a man giving up on himself, his passion, his dreams countless times, as he came of age. I am that man. And I can tell you that while there may be several soothing reasons to justify this failure to accomplish your heart desires…

how do you cure lack of self worth

How Do You Cure Lack Of Self Worth? [How To Know My Self Worth]

I am not always proud, happy, or in love with myself. Sometimes I even resent myself (which is me being too hard on myself). I struggled (and still struggle) with my self-worth. However, over the years (in course of my personal development) it has become increasingly overt to me that that way of thinking is not only unhealthy but ridiculous.

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