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Why We Must Be Grateful To Society (Even When It Is Not Perfect) 2

Why We Must Be Grateful To Society (Even When It Is Not Perfect)

There is a strong temptation to be ungrateful to society due to its imperfection, but we must exercise gratitude because society lays the foundation for the order (law, commerce, democracy, etcetera) and whatever privileges we enjoy (including access to clean water, the internet, education, and even the “peace” we enjoy).

How To Be Independent Of Your Parents/Guardian

How To  Be Independent Of Your Parents/Guardian 

Being independent is not merely the ability to live alone (without needing help), but the capacity to start contributing positively to your environment (because you’re indebted to it). You owe your parents/guardians for “nurturing” you, society for “civility”, and the universe for “supporting life”.  Ergo, not contributing is being ‘parasitic’. Even committing suicide (because you …

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Why are we talking about mental health Pawns

Why Are We Talking About Mental Health (In Nigeria)?

We must talk about mental health not just because it informs and encourages those with (or at risk of) mental health crises to seek help (or do something), but because ignoring it permits (and in some cases worsens) avoidable suffering.