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Don’t worry I promise like most drugs, if the substance along with its tart taste is swallowed and not spat out it would surely make you better, so what are we waiting for, open up and gulp these short article

LETS BEGIN-welcome to Year One

Wow!, You gained the highly esteemed addmmision into a tertiary institution, of course we are all happy, you know, millions of people weren’t granted this rear and valuable opportunity you just gained and indeed its worthy of celebration and and a lot of bragging (the good type of bragging of course), so you are now in school all jolly and smiling, which is a good thing though,

however unless you are one of those who already have people in the good spots in society most of your excitement is anchored on the fact that you would finish school within 4-6 years depending on your course of study and probably gain a good job in a good company that would be paying good money without stressing you much, leaving you with enough time to have fun with your friends and family, and all these would be made possible because you would be given the right education and a Shiny piece of Paper at the end of your schooling years as confirmation of your education. The education which of course would be fully infused into you within your stay in school, or would it?


let me rewind a little, I mean to the reason this valuable education was introduced in the first place, of course before the building of schools we had ways by which we communicated with one another and solved our problems and satisfied our wants , problems and wants ranging from food, clothing, shelter down to love and a general sense of meaning, in other words we had an existing way to live,that being said the education that swept across the country can be properly called Western education, this kind of education was essential as specialist were required if there was going to be any meaningful progress in any particular area,

the value of the specialist went off the roof as industries poured into the new born country, with high rewards waiting for the educated people (the specialists as I prefer to call them) who could play vital roles in their companies, logically the clear distinction between the educated and the uneducated (Western wise of course) was the authentic inviolable Papers they held (certificates),in other words the education was necesary to produce specialists who would help the industries drive the countries economy to the next level


Now let me rewind back a little more, this time to question why the industrial revolution came into being.,they came into being in order to help the nations improve the quality of life, by concentrating energy and knowledge in a particular problem, the people could find solutions to their problems .. so back then professionals where needed…

But now… Now what’s the most essential thing…

We need to step back a little to understand what’s going on to see things from another perspective… Before we dive and delve into the arguments of importance of education or try to prove its uselessness, let’s understand why education was initiated, it’s value and core principles… Education is a necessary TOOL for development, it is a means by which specialized knowledge in a specific area is acquired so that the individual who has acquired it may help in the work already in PROGRESS, this is why some companies make sure that they train their staffs by themselves because they want to equip them with the right TOOLS to work in the organization..

Now that we understand the use of education,and have rightfully portrayed it in its class we can now live our lives without fear and terror of the choices we make from now on…


Okay here’s the thing, the major thing in school is acquiring KNOWLEDGE

I know you might be thinking, “yeah, we know already”, but I don’t think you do

You see ,you have to understand that life is larger than the school environment, and the society which has set up the school environment isn’t really interested in TITLES or NAMES,

You see, to some extent a good grade could help, but it won’t go that far if you cant back it up

Society pays for Value and not degree

It’s the reason you must gain VALUE

Value in form of DEEP knowledge in whatever you do or decide to do

It is because of VALUE that people actually leave what they study to do something else, when society finds you valuable in a different field it doesn’t really matter what papers you have youll drift towards that direction (resistance or inability to notice the drift would simply be at your own peril)


When going to school have the right mindset, you’re in school to gain a VALUABLE SKILL,

You should know that the only thing that you can walk out with in the university that would really be of any significant help to you would be you, yes you, YOUR VALUE, YOUR SKILL, YOUR EXPERIENCE

If after years in the school environment you still feel unprepared for the real world, then you are most likely unprepared

So, start ASAP (as soon as possible) to build and develop valuable skills

I have friends who are good in programing who didn’t study computer engineering, and others who are very good in music and dancing who study engineering, I personally excel in Drawing and of course writing but this isn’t what I study in school, that’s not to say we didn’t acquire any skill in what we studied, far from that, what it simply meant is that we developed other valuable skills as we lingered in school, and its something of VALUE

However, as a Pawn, ill strongly recommend you build your social skills, a wise man once said, “no matter how smart you are, if you don’t know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams”


I’m David, an artist, writer, blogger, thinker, entrepreneur. I am still learning and I’m getting better. I’m the PAWN

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