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The one secret to achieving your dreams isn’t really a secret, in fact, its so commonplace that no one notices it, yet it controls all our fates

In my first year in the university, I was kind of nerdy, I didn’t even know how to shake people and snap my finger (snapping fingers after a handshake is like a ritual in Nigeria, mind you). I felt really out of place, it was the university, no parents, no relations not even former friends, all things were new and you had to associate, to build a new circle of friends, it was indeed horrible not to know something this basic, the lifeblood of University socialization.

Luckily for me, I was assigned a room with three other young guys just like me, I was the youngest though, but they were nice. The handshaking ritual continued in the room, I always awkwardly withdrew my hand, not fulfilling the final step of snapping the other person finger.

You see, while I was in my Year One, I really gave much thought to this simple handshake gesture and wanted to learn it. The solution was simple, find someone to teach me how to.

Within the course of the first semester, about three months, I learned how to do this handshake ritual. I had deliberately and humbly asked one of my roommates to teach me how to do the handshake, this was awkward and for a while I amused both I and him with the way my fingers slipped off his without making a sound, he laughed at me and later on I improved, “not too bad” , “you are getting it”, and soon, “yeah you got it”.

The next semester no one talked about snapping fingers, that goal had been archived, the second semester was me living the desired future – being able to shake people like a normal Nigerian Youth


When people talk about the future, they talk as though the future was a place or a thing, but this is quite far from the truth. The future is what you are creating right now, this very instant as you are reading this article.

If I wanted to be able to speak Mandarin in the future, I wouldn’t just expect to be able to speak it in the future, I would start learning the language now so that in the future I would have fully learnt it.

Like the story I gave earlier, life is that simple, it is just like planting a seed and seeing it turn into a huge tree seven years later. The future, the past and the present are all intertwined, like the string of a guitar, toughing one point would cause a ripple effect plus a sound throughout the string and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately for humans, we can only access the present (which isn’t so bad)

The future is now. the secret is to use time wisely, thats how to archive your dreams
The future is NOW

Because of our limitations, our inability to access the future, it is therefore wise for us to make the most of what we got.

Because life can be full of several distractions, for instance, you could desire to be a musician at the same time desire to become a footballer, a lecturer, and an accountant. This is very sexy and very attractive and of course nice, but you simply can’t have it all

Human life is very short, I know from where you and I may be standing it might seem quite large and long, but the truth is that life is very short,

there is no secret to achieving your dreams,

We are considered dependent until we are about eighteen years old, within this time, we are not really obligated to have any special skill, and from the age of about seventy-five, we are once more considered dependent or at best retired, which means you still can’t use the skill you’ve acquired anymore.

Basically you have like fifty-seven years to live your life, this might seem large to you but if you continue the maths, you’ll find out that it takes about ten years to perfect a skill. We don’t need to go in debt to how many years you have left to use that skill.

Therefore, it is paramount that you define what you want to become because what you want to become is just a beautiful mix of all the skills and knowledge you are going to acquire before you run out of time

This particular topic relates to me personally as well, as I am about to join the labor force soon, you see, if you are going to join the labor force then you must have something to offer else you would most likely suffer from lack (which isn’t the future any of us wants)


In the end it all boils down to what you are willing to learn so that you would be able to master so that you would be able to reap the benefits in the future.

It is true that life can be notoriously unpredictable, but like a wise man once said luck is the residue of design, it is not the main thing, it comes by when every other thing is ready. You can’t be lucky to be singed into the biggest Record label if you haven’t even practiced singing for once

So it stands to reason that even if you don’t know what you might actually become in the future, all you can ever become in the future is what you are already getting ready for (knowingly or unknowingly). Therefore, this article aims at helping you prepare more knowingly


The point is, if you wish to be something in future then you must start now to practice snapping those fingers, and you can’t just do this on your own, you need assistance you need to walk/work with the people who would influence and pressure you to become who you really want to become, and when all is done, you would get a little kiss form lady luck and then you are good to go, a happy future at last.

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I’m David, an artist, writer, blogger, thinker, entrepreneur. I am still learning and I’m getting better. I’m the PAWN

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