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Drugs is where you run to when you can no longer handle the pain

the odds

The Movie begins and ends with a woman locked inside a room with a man (the game master). She is told to play a game which would earn her a reward of $1,000,000. So the game began

Unlike the conventional games where one is asked to do something, this game had the player being dealt serious damages by the aid of the gamemaster. It started with her placing her hands over a candle flame and then got more brutal as she even proceeded to chopping off her own fingers

Of course, this is no game for everybody. The lady in question was someone who felt intense grief for what she had done, or rather could not do. In constant torment of the fate she has left her daughter, she decided that the best thing she could do was pass herself through misery in order to salvage a better future for her daughter – a $1,000,000 reward

 When offered a pain killer by the gamemaster for the pains, she refused to take them, remaining on her firm belief that drugs was for those who could no longer take the pain. The gamemaster appeared nice and empathic at this stage of the game

In a way, she was ready to accept any degree of pain, even till death as she proved in one of the tasks where she was almost drowned because she refused to quite

The Movie rounds up with a scene where she is demanded to keep pulling the trigger of an incompletely loaded revolver held to her head. Of course, before getting to this point, she was trapped in a condition, a condition that she would be killed if she quits, so that death was her only escape from impending-death

At this point in the game, the game master seemed genuinely interested in seeing her splatter her own brains on the floor. And so, he started pushing her emotional buttons.

Filled with indignation, the player spoke bitterly to the gamemaster who kept on repeating to the lady that she was sick and that her daughter would be better off without her.

It was at this point that it hit her, she came to realize that maybe her daughter didn’t just need a ton of money, but rather a mother who would show her the breath and depth of love, who would be ready to go to any extent to provide her with support, care, encouragement and of cause money


In life, sometimes we are drawn deep into the depths of our thoughts and suffering that we forget what was most essential in the whole thing, – us

Life is full of pain, even a baby starts off life crying, a sign of displeasure, a sign of pain.

Although we are wired to run from pain and chase pleasure, this system is useful but inefficient on its own. It requires a second conscious system, a mind, a mind that is able to look at the pain from a distant and thus overcome the myopia pains brings with it. We need an ability to reason and see that we and other sentient humans are more than our sufferings.

The boil on a man’s eyelid may be of more concern to him than ending world hunger unless he is able to feel the greater pain of others through empathy and thus consider his own pain of lesser weight

In the darkest moments of our lives we are forced to look inwards, to see nothing but the pain, but this must be overcome. Pain is there to indicate, to show us what we have to do or stop doing, but it is never an indication to end our lives.

And so, in the midst of the worst moments of our lives , it is crucial that we take a time out to look at a much broader picture, why is this pain existing? most times if we can question ourselves deeply enough, we would either discover what we have to let go, or what we must do, but it is never to give-up and kill ourselves

The movie teaches us to choose impending death over death. everything that is given birth to is already dying, and so we should learn to keep living, to keep pushing, because we are the most important character in the entire story of our lives.

Never give up. You are more important than any setback or shame, or failure

When people say they are disappointed in us, or we feel disappointed in ourselves, we must realise that those are just statistics, they are just our current state that we can improve on and change altogether. They are not our definition and fate.

What is most important is building a wonderful and resilient personality that would be able to tackle all of life’s expected and unexpected challenges and even more.

Remember, we are all pawns trying to level up


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