I personally have wonderful parents, parents i can boast of, and i also know most people have good parents or guardians, people who have actually helped them from infant till they where able to stand on their own , or maybe they are still depending on them. However parents sometimes can be dead wrong about some issues ( this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering that they are humans) , However these “wrongs” they pass onto us can be quite deadly, deadly like the sting of a scorpion , slowly killing its victims.

As much as possible i try avoid using the word “good” or “bad” in my communication , however there is a thing as “working” and “not working”, while our guardians might have done a fantastic job of training us in the way we should go, they have also unknowingly impacted in us something deadly, something that can gradually destroy us.
Here is the thing, when we were yet babies, instructions where dished out to us on regular basis almost to a plethora extent, we where told not to put our fingers in fire, not to expose our bodies to cold, to avoid playing with sharp object, to avoid eating from dirty plates and so on. Most of these instructions came with no direct reason why , except for the confidence we have in them that it would keep us safe(they loved us you know), I mean after getting just the right drug for us when we where ill , we had all the reasons to believe whatever they said, although this “worked out” pretty well during our course of growth from children to adult , they may not exactly “working out” now.
Most teens would jump and raise up their hands if they where asked “how many of you have annoying parents”, of course they are probably just behaving that way because of puberty (puberty?!!), but think of it, does your parents have a characteristics that you find quite annoying even now as an adult, Maybe a yes, maybe a no, but here is the thing, Life is like a Labyrinth .


Life is like a Labyrinth(a kind of maze), this simply means that every one is where they are today because of the exact way they navigated the Labyrinth…NO DIVORCE for fourthy years and counting ( that means they followed the path that worked in marriage), however deciding to marry more than one wife may be something that wouldn’t work out very well in this current age,
The thing is , as much as we look up to our parents as role models , copying all they do , it is essential to draw the line between what they did that produced the best results and what they did that came hunting them..Ignoring or Abandoning a peculiar talent may not seem much to you now, maybe because you’re getting the money you desire , but from accumulation of experiences of the Masters(from books of course), it is clear that money is not the ultimate priority , but being poor isn’t Sexy( the wrong paths should be avoided like the plague)


Thanks to technology we live in a relatively fast moving world that is quite interconnected( psst am talking about the internet), there are thousands upon thousands of people who are interested in exactly what you’re interested in , you may not find all the things you need from one person or group of people , but then, there lies the beauty of the internet, you could always search for others interested in that.
The reason for searching a following people of similar interests (Joining a Gang) is because they are all moving in the-same direction, navigating the Labyrinth in a way that would get them to exactly the point where you want to get to, it may be financial freedom, happiness, heaven , whatever it is , always remember , your parents brought you this far, learn from their mistakes , don’t listen to all they have to say


considering the complexity of life, it is always wise to LISTEN first to what they have to say , after which you’re to carry out a personal research , comparing your desire and biases with theirs(your guardians) and those of the Masters you wish to be like
P.S: Life is like a Game , PLAY IT