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At this age You must have figured out that your parents and guardians aren’t always right, well if you haven’t, well , your parents aren’t always right, if you find this hard to believe check out this article CLICK HERE

However, if you’ve already come to terms with this knowledge, I must say you are indeed wise and can be considered worthy of accessing the preceding information

This isn’t the best way to start a gang topic, neither is it a very smart way of recruiting members but I must start my persuasion from a real-life event


When I first heard the News I felt nothing in particular , no pain, no shock, no emotions. I was confused because of my lack of emotional response, why am I not feeling anything , I thought to myself, I was just arranging my Bed room when the call came to me, Your Grandma is Dead, the emotionlessness was short lived , after few seconds of hearing the news and suffering from awe of my lack of emotion, (I mean it was the first time anyone so close to me has ever died, I was expecting something dramatic like in the movies), so I went to the kitchen to get water, that was when stuffs started falling off my hands

Few weeks later we would be appearing at the family house where we would be required to appear before her family members tying wrapper and bear footed, kneeling and bowing till our foreheads touched the floor in order to show our loyalty and respect to and for them.


What has this to do with joining a gang in school you might ask, who the hell cares about your traditional right and how stuffs fell of your hands? but this is exactly the point ,  who the fuck cares?

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Since the prehistoric men, humans have always lived in groups, in clans and villages, managing themselves in different ways in order to gather food, hunt or protect themselves , it is essentially the way humans have been living till date, the difference is just that now we claim to tolerate each other but deep down within every individual there is still a burning desire to differentiate friend from foe, and we still do

There’s a reason we have familieS, religionS , political partieS, countrieS and so on, there’s a reason there has to be critical thought given when choosing the person you call a friend , the place you live and the people you mingle with in general

It is because we have to differentiate those who care about us and those who don’t really give a flying fuck about us, I mean those who would not bother to help you if you were having a stroke in the middle of the street and was stretching your hands towards them

Life is a beautiful thing, but the planet is no mans land, it could be damn hostile, you have to know who it is that is willing to stick out his neck for you, it could be the difference between life and death

There is a wise saying which goes like this “if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go with people”, before you write me off as promoting something negative let me quickly clarify the point to you that you are already a gang member, you belong to a group of people called family, and you know for sure that whether you are right or wrong they would always come to your rescue


Back to school, I indulge your attention once more, joining a gang is essential to your survival in school

If you’ve read this far, it most be clear to you that the gang I am talking about isn’t the one which picked your interest in the first place, but you’ll be glad it did

For a start, the University if full of the bad guys, I mean the once that want to rob, steal, rape and even murder their victims ,walking in a group always reduces the threat , girls would relate more to this

Besides, your academic performance can be greatly influenced by the company you keep

O dear, before this post gets too long ill leave it at this point, if you’re still interested, you could check out this post to read more about ganging up (CLICK HERE) or check out this article on why the University is exactly like a zoo(CLICK HERE)



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