Why do people keep complaining about money?

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?


But that’s not really the question you’re interested in.

You’re interested in how you can become make money, right?

Well, that’s a simple question to answer.

Stick around, I’ll explain everything to you, and you’ll see that it’s simple like ABC.

Yes, I know, right?

ABC, how can a kid ever agree it is simple?

Of course, they never agree until they find themselves effortlessly reciting it.

So, don’t fret if you doubt the statement above. You would soon understand it’s simplicity.

I just hope you can keep up because ABC is just the beginning.

Just as learning the Alphabet is easy compared to learning how to read, making money is just the easy part, the hard part is in keeping it.

Oh! Yes, your question.

“How to make money?”

I’ll answer shortly. Let me first tell you about what 2020 taught me

You see, like many people, I’ve always admired the super-rich, the Likes of Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, but it was not until the 2020 Pandemic – lockdown – that I got the opportunity to really take my time and study them richly.

I stalked them on social media, YouTube, and across the Internet. I laid my hands on everything I could find about them.

But it was not all free of course. I paid to gain access to their books, courses, and inner cycles.

But I want to really show you this stuff for free, so just clear your mind and continue reading.


How do people go from rags to riches?

How do they build empires out of nothing?

How do they become billionaires from debts and rubbles?

Well, the answer might shock you.

The answer is

 *drum rolls*


That’s right, they do it by simply helping people.

Think about it for a minute, what else do they have to offer?

They don’t have money, cars, houses, or any superpowers. All they have is two hands, two legs, one head, and a belly full of intestines.

So, what did you really think they would have offered except “help”?


I’ve told this story quite a number of times, and I’m repeating it here for you.

You see, when I was in school, I was single, broke, and didn’t have any sense of purpose. I wasn’t thrilled by the course I was studying neither was I living the best life. I mean, I didn’t even have a girlfriend – I wasn’t rich, drop-dead handsome, nor funny. I was mediocre and mediocre people easily get glazed over.

But I never noticed just how horrible my life was until it was time for our 6 months of industrial training.

During this time every student found a place to work for the next 6 months, I was the genius who decided to get a place near school. And as you can imagine, the next semester kicked off and I had no friends around.

You know, you can go for years without a lover, but unless you’re suicidal you can’t do without friends. Not for long.

So, I found myself in this state of existence where I was indoors all day doing absolutely nothing. My mind began to crumble on itself. I ruminated on the thoughts of the girls that rejected me, the things I could not buy, the places I could not go. I scrolled through social media all day and night. I barely went outside and soon my room was becoming my cage – a hell I now crawled in like a worm. Sleeping during odd hours of the day, eating too many snacks, getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. Thinking about just how lonely my world is, and so on and so forth. I spiraled into dark and obscene thoughts. I thought of drinking and drowning my pain, but the problem was, I couldn’t even afford the darn drinks. It was bad and worsening …

But then I snapped out of it.

“David, what are you doing?”

It became clear to me – I could see the problem and way out


For the first time, I could pinpoint my problem. For the first time, I could see what my challenges were and that they were not unsolvable.

It is not that I could not find love, or make money. It was that I didn’t know how to. So, I sought the solution in books.

I read a sickening number of books – but thankfully, books were the drugs I needed.

Within a short period of time, I crawled out of my self-pity and grappled my life by the throat.

I reached out to a few of my departmental mates in school and our bonds became ever stronger. My relationships with a female coursemate became so strong that people started thinking we were dating. But we weren’t, we were just friends.

My healthy relationships spread to both males and females alike, and before I knew it, I had made sufficient friends in school to rekindle my joy in school.

The next obstacle was lack. How could I make money in school? Quickly I called that my new-found best friend – the girl I just told you about. She sold Jewelry and Honey and was quite independent. She always smiled and had this confidence only money could give. So, I told her I wanted to start making money for myself.

Without hesitation, she offered me a deal.


“David, help me sell honey and you can keep a part of the profit” that was her deal. And that was how I started making honey money.

But that was just the beginning. You see, the money from the honey was quite small. Profits that got to my pocket varied from 100 to 300 naira in gains per sale. But that was not the important thing.

The best part of selling the honey was that I began to learn sales.

I was forced to go out and meet complete strangers and talk to them – girls, boys, women, men, etcetera… I learned how to approach. I learned when to approach – like, the time of the day and month to best approach people with a product, and how to warm them up before selling to them.

Soon, my fear and shyness for talking to girls, or anyone really, vanished. Plus, I got to acquire a lot of contacts on my phone – people who I connected with on WhatsApp and talked.

My social life improved with an improvement in my financial life – that is the nature of real wealth, not just an increase in the number of coins you hold.


Don’t get carried away by my story. I later stopped going door to door selling honey. 6 months is a short time if you think of it. What was important was the lesson, not the story.

If you paid close attention, you should have realized some key secrets to improving your own life.

Number one is first telling yourself the truth: Are you happy? Are you miserable? Are you Broke? What is it that hunts you really? What is it that is taking away your happiness?

The second part is taking action. Step out of your damn room and do something.


Offer something, or make a deal with someone who has something to offer.

If you’re broke, chances are you have nothing to offer. Don’t be ashamed of this, everyone starts out this way. But what you must realize is that there is a way around this problem and it is quite straight forward.

Call the girl who sells honey, and tell her you would like to sell honey.

No really, call someone who has something to offer and help them sell it to more people.

Big multi-billion dollar companies – like Amazon – all have something known as affiliate programs.

What that simply means is that they would pay you if you help them get customers – if you help them sell their products.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea. In fact, if you help someone in your neighborhood today, chances are they would invite you to come to have lunch with them. They might buy you a drink, or may just give you their word – “if you need anything just call me”

So, that is it.

Make a deal.

You don’t have to have a product or service, you just have to help others offer theirs.

For example, I am an Artist – I draw beautiful Portraits of people so that they can use them as both gifts and decorations. If you help me get a client, I would pay you a commission.

Commissions can be as high as 5,000 Naira per sale, or more. Now imagine what you can do with all that money. You don’t even have to know how to draw, nor do you have to worry about the canvasing, framing, or delivery. All you just have to do is post a picture of My work on your WhatsApp, Facebook, or whatever social media you’re on, and boom, money is starts drifting towards you like magnet and iron.

You may have hundreds or thousands of followers on different platforms. Why not ask if anyone is interested in Art and see what happens? Chances are, there are many people already cracking their heads looking for a perfect gift for their loved ones, and that is your money right there in front of you.


And not just tell you what to do, but take you by the hand and guide you on how you can start making money for yourself today.

What if I decided to teach you how to sell anything for free?

What if I showed you more than that?

What if I decided to teach you how to…

  • Destroy your fears of talking to a stranger
  • Make and keep making money constantly without a job
  • Become a likable and more loveable person
  • Become more persuasive and convincing
  • Become someone even strangers would trust with their car keys
  • Find your purpose in life – not mine or anyone else’s, but yours
  • Become happy for real

How can I do this?

Simple, I would introduce you to a loving community where you would receive lessons for free.

In this community, you would

  • Receive daily nuggets of life-improving ideas
  • Get directions to the most helpful/useful resources on the internet
  • Ask questions and get answered
  • Receive free Courses and Materials
  • Gain access to good and services you can use to make money
  • Meet a lot of likeminded people, and in fact, become family

And what if I told you that all you need to do was to simply contact me today on WhatsApp to find out more.

Would you like to contact me and allow me to teach you all I know?

A gift is waiting for you on the other end. Just click on the button 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s about how you can make money by helping. You would get to be trained in the process and it is free

This is strictly for people who are struggling financially (especially students). If you already have a business or skill that brings you a lot of money, this is not for you

The reason I’m doing this is because it would both help me as well as you. We need each other to survive. Team work always wins

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It is basically about helping business owners get clients.  Plus, you’ll get to receive a free training on Marketing so this doesn’t become a hassle for you

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