I didn’t like reading, and I doubt I do now

My habit of always grabbing a book or two and digesting its entire content as quickly as possible started on the last day of December 2016 to the first day of January 2017, I never really enjoyed reading, I always did most, if not all of my reading in preparation for an examination, although I did quite well in secondary school I never really enjoyed reading


photo of girl reading book Photo by Carlos Espinoza on Pexels.com

It was on the new year eve, I had just successfully downloaded the audio book the science of getting rich from Librivox.com , I had always desired financial freedom and I also had a strong respect and likeness for science , it was the perfect book for my kind of person (at least that’s what the title suggested), I played the audio book from 2016-2017, I laid down, relaxed and listened as the reader gently read out the content of the book

The knowledge from the book flowed like a river, gently and steadily the words carved out the idea of the author, I could picture the author talking to me, it was satisfactory. In the silence as I lay on the bed on that January morning I thought deeply upon what the author said, the author just dished out his experiences to me, all his errors and secrets. I was the one picking up the words from the book, he wasn’t forcing his ideas on me, I was the one craving for what he had to say, it was like when a hen finds corn seeds scattered on the floor, I kept on picking new ideas

I went on to download extra audio books like the colours of space and Venus in furs, both books which I greatly enjoyed. The amazing thing about those books was that, although they were just books, I could remember the characters as though I witnessed the events myself. In the book the colours of space I could picture myself in the alien spaceship traveling the nebula, visiting strange planets and meeting strange creatures, while in the book Venus in furs I could see myself as a young man who fell madly in love with a lady, I could see myself in her arms, I could picture the kisses and even the pain, tears and blood. it was delightful completing both books

The pattern continued, coming across books rich in wisdom and experiences, gradually I managed to change my personality, my believe, my manners, my vision and so on…

I can’t recall how many books I’ve read from then, but it has been a lot, as time went by and my appetite increased I switched to reading the texts from the books myself , the voice of the reader was affecting my perception of the story , so I switched to reading quietly in my mind( where all the voices could be echoed soundly ), I could hear the voices of grown men, the slurry speech of drunk boys, the high pitched voices of beautiful ladies, and the melodious voices of singers, I had an entire galaxy in my head, I could create and destroy in my own unlimited universe where humans could fly and everything was possible, where I could visit the future or return to the past


The secret to reading is having a hunger

Once you satisfy one of your ignorance with knowledge, you would seek to satisfy even another ignorance

Learning is so crucial for survival, unfortunately, books are like drugs, the people who need them most never really desire them

Like I said I don’t really like reading, I just like result/effect, reading is just the pain I go through

“whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.”

This isn’t just about fairy tales, eye opening ideas can be gotten from books…I think this is enough

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