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I am excited to explain to you what I mean by Ganging up, but I have to say this first. I’ve always been the type that enjoys a good game, it didn’t really matter the type, I enjoy video games ranging from sports, racing to adventure, arcade games like Tetris, and even outdoor games like table tennis. however, I do have a unique preference for a particular game, a board game, it called Chess

Chess was founded by the Indians, before the 6th century AD, if you’ve ever played it, you’ll come to some realizations

  1. The weakest piece is actually the most valuable piece
  2. The least valued piece could be promoted to be the most powerful piece
  3. Sacrifices are inevitable in this game

These are certainly not the only things you’ll notice about chess, but they are crucial in understanding the need to gang up


United we stand, divided we fall – Aesop

This is not about making friends, it’s not about segregation either, this is about generating momentum, it’s about influence, it’s about controlling your environment

Imagine what would happen if someone decided to pick a fight with you but just when it was about to go down five of your friends stood up simultaneously to back you up, in this scenario only two things are possibly going to happen, its either the person backs down or he/she receives a drubbing

This is not about violence either

People find it hard to switch things like religion, political parties, clubs (e.g football clubs), bad habits, and so on. Some of these people you’ll discover are highly principled and can stand on whatever decision they make, yet they seem to be stock when it comes to issues that have a large amount of supporters or participants

This is because although we are individuals, we have adapted to survive in groups, it’s the reason parent’s advice their children to mingle with the “smart” kids and avoid the company of the “dull” kids in school, yet looking deeper into this classification of these children, the so called smart kids may be considered complete suckers when it comes to non-academic activities (real life problems)

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Life is very simple, nevertheless simple isn’t always easy

People talk about porn and drug addictions but have you ever imagined what would happen to them if they were locked away in an island ,think about it, an observation was made by some folks who work with heroin addicts, they observed that people who were sent to prison facilities that had the reputation of not allowing drugs within their premises didn’t seem to suffer any form of intense withdrawal symptoms, however it was also observed that the addicts in prison facilities that had the reputation of permitting such suffered these withdrawal symptoms if they couldn’t get their hands on any drug.

This is not to say Addiction isn’t real, it is, but it usually thrives on reinforcements, which is exactly what deprivation eliminates (no access+no supporters = no addiction)

This the reason people are urged to go to their places of worship as often as possible, or participate in the activities of whatever body they have identified with, this association makes it difficult to go against the principle and ideals of these people, doing anything contrary makes one seem like a hypocrite or inconsistent

Basically, if your gang is socially helpful, you are most likely helping the society and vice versa


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You might think to yourself,” oh well, I am not affiliated with any organisation”, but this goes way beyond that

If you are conversant with social medias, then you must have heard of the term “filtering”

Filtering implies not everything gets through, that’s to say only permitted or selected contents get to you

I remember some time ago when the news of Boko Haram and ISIS was all over the internet, it was a steady inflow of bad news, it was beginning to freak me out, guess what happened, I filtered that content (it was beginning to give me nightmares you know),Anyway whenever I saw any news of beheading, bombing or kidnapping I look for an option that says “I don’t want to see this” and I clicked on it, I went a step further by unfollowing news channels and unfriending anyone who kept on shearing such things. Now I can say to you that such news no longer appear on my Facebook timeline

Removing and adding contents are ways we show our support, our interests and what we believe in. it’s the reason the like and shear buttons exist, it is a way of showing your affiliations , showing your gang

The internet is full of Billions of people with different interests and goals, and they usually flock to where they interests are being discussed

You might be tempted to say, “that’s nothing”, but let’s go back to the chess board


You see, the truth is that it’s quite impossible to capture one’s king with a single Pawn at a time, that implies that the effort of more than one piece is required to achieve any meaningful thing on the chess board,

The position of one piece to another can determine if that piece can be captured or if it would be spared, sometimes more than one pieces could be in position to capture a piece but would not take the shot because there are even more pieces ready to retaliate, In a way that’s to say that the influence of one piece on another matters a lot

Government Polices are not made because of the strongest men decided so, they are made because men with influence said it should be made

Influence in other words is gained with the number of people that are ready and willing to back up the individual, Now you understand what the followers and likes on social medias mean (SUPPORT), and that support translates to a Gang


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I know the idea is getting all over the place, so I’m going to do my best to stream line it now

Here’s the thing, Human Relationship with one another is like a web, we are all woven together, interconnected and interdependent, however everyone is not equal, some individuals manage to gain enough support to be leaders and as a leader they show others what to do or at least help people organise their ideas and opinions

It stands to reason that each leader is vehemently pushing a course and is directly influencing everyone under him(in his gang),all he would ever do or say would be to influence the people under him to act in a certain way, and everyone under him supports him and are ready to go any extent to protect and support him, in other words they too would seek to influence people within them thereby reinforcing the influence of the leader making the course they support even more widespread and socially accepted


A celebrity that Smokes and uses drugs is directly influencing his fans, they too would smoke and do drugs and would definitely urge their friends to do same, any friend that doesn’t do that is to an extent isolated and eventually kicked out of the gang, being left out or rejected isn’t such a good feeling(those who have been turned down by a crush would relate to this giggles ) ,so most people tend to go along with the crowd ,”it’s just for fun, I’m not an addict or something”  the person would think to himself, NEWS FLASH : you don’t have to be an addict to suffer lungs cancer


The action gets reinforced over and over again, and soon the only people he would know would be those who do the same thing he does, leaving the gang won’t be that easy, not with their constant reminder of the need to belong and be a Bro

It’s a feedback loop

This strain would occur even if the individual wants to leave a group considered “Good”


The good news however is this, every gang has the same pattern of influence, all you need to do is tune in to the frequency of that gang, every other thing takes care of itself

In other words, if you want to change your life, you’re most likely going to achieve it by first changing your environment, by changing you’re Gang

Avoid like a flue , anybody who tells you anything contrary to what you want to become, be it friends or family, television, social networks, etcetera
and associate with whatever group of people you want to be like


Finding the right set of people is very essential

I deliberately chose the word “Gang”. I know some people might find this offensive , BUT who cares

P.S: All humans can belong to a single Gang, it’s called Humanity (love for one another)



Dicksyd · December 30, 2018 at 04:48

Nice piece… Power of association

    Dick David · January 2, 2019 at 03:55

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the article


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