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THE WORLD IS OURS is a brief introduction to the book MY PLACE ON EARTH, intended to help the reader see the world a little clearer and also get reviews from the readers.
Written by Dick David and sheared for free on

here is a short piece of what’s inside



We humans undoubtedly are the most powerful creatures on the surface of the planet, but this power isn’t ascribed to our brute, speed or beauty, and not even our brain size which is dwarfed by that of whales gives us this prestigious crown, at best we are naked-weak primates. But it is rather our unique ability to come together as groups.

Surely other creatures work together to hunt, run or migrate but no creature in nature have been able to build social structures that are half as complicated as that of humans, and this is where our true power resides.

Due to our unique ability to work with people who we have totally no idea about (location, gender, race, religious or sexual inclinations etcetera) we have managed to establish a system that supports specialization, so that individual sapiens (i.e. we) can focus on doing the best in our little field whilst totally relying on the effort of others to meet our own needs of maybe security, food etcetera.

We have been able to pursue steady and sustainable development by organizing ourselves this way. Bond by a common interest of progress, we have been able to incorporate measures of value into this system which rewards those who contributed immensely to this progress in form of money, titles, fame, power etcetera.

Any outside observer can easily notice that the richest are most certainly the one who has been able to organize or at least assist the largest group of people. Therefore, entrepreneurs and leaders, in general, enjoy the larger piece of the pie.

This is the pie that we chase, this is the pie that has kept us running like Guinea pigs on a treadmill. The pie that promises happiness.

In a sense, the whole pie stuff, the promise of getting a reward for handwork is, in fact, a social construct that keeps us working and has indirectly changed Humanity and the planet at large.

It is mostly a good change as doctors are more focused on finding the best drugs and treatments so we don’t all die of a disease outbreak, farmers are finding the best way to produce food all round the year so that we don’t die of starvation, engineers are providing better technology to ease the stress of life, lawyers are amending laws to make us more united and curtail our excesses, businessmen are building economic structures by bringing more and more people together to achieve different goals. It goes on and on.



In a way, the world is now way better than it was a few centuries ago. The chase for the pie had birthed a system much larger than any of us because it incorporates all of us.

We can always trust the system. In fact, we have been relying on the system since we were just sex-cells in our parent’s bodies. it’s because of the system that we go to school or get into an internship, because, yes, the system requires educated people, who can be useful in any of its several sections if it’s going to maintain that progress and keep handing out sweet pies to everyone.

The system promises us safety, health, prosperity and so on. The system has saved humanity for countless ages. It’s the reason we haven’t been totally devoured by beasts or ravaged by bacteria.

And even though, the system has also brought upon us wars and conflict because of incompatibilities in the different subdivisions, it did not fail, it only forced us to work even harder in building even bigger and better systems. That is why today we have international bodies and unions.

The world is literally an oasis compared to previous eras because more and more people are coming together in harmony, working to archive global goals. But there is a world that is being plunged into darkness and loneliness.



The thing is, the system doesn’t really care about us as individuals, but rather what we can offer to its progress. It doesn’t really care about*********************************************************


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