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Discipline for discipline sake is like a smelly bowl of horseshit , then it gives you diarreea

I have given an insight about this in my previous article (this is why you never came first in class)

The truth is that you can never force anyone or even yourself to do anything, and continue doing it unless “meaning” is attached to it

The Pyramid where built to record breaking sizes with limited technology so that it stands as one of the wonders of the world till date. I know that they were built by slaves, but the point is, what motivated the masters of the slave to insist and make sure that those slaves achieved that goal.

ANSWER: the afterlife. they were trying to transport their Pharaohs to the afterlife, it was something out of this world, a greater meaning for life.

Impossible bridges, impossible cities, impossible tunnels, impossible records, etcetera … whatever it is you think of that has amazed or awed you all came from a greater purpose.

Saying that with discipline you can achieved anything is like saying “when a metal gets red hot it can melt rubber”. Everyone knows that, the question is How do I get the metal hot? And most importantly, how do I keep it hot?

Because discipline like a muscle, gets weak with time, and if something is not motivating that discipline, it usually ends in failure, which creates a negative feedback, a feeling of incompetence which actually ends up creating a negative self-image, and we all know this can lead to dark places

ask her why she is that fat, uhmm… she is most likely going to tell you she “can’t” do this or that …, this mentality of “not being able” is enough to make her eat herself to death, and she would if something is not done drastically.

HOW TO GET THE METAL HOT – and keep it that way (the source of discipline)

Red-hot metal
Red-hot metal

No matter how trivial or stupid the goal is, with the right reasons it can be achieved, same goes for the difficult and impossible tasks.

Studying hard so you can pass the exam, or buying a new car to reduce the stress of trekking are not good enough reasons for a person to be disciplined and that is why they usually aren’t. the real driving force comes when strong reason is given for instance: I need to pass this exam, so I could get a scholarship and complete my studies since my parents can’t afford to keep paying my fees, and I need to graduate so I could have a nice job to pull the family out of this living hell, aka poverty

Discipline is given birth to by reason, the stronger the reason the stronger the discipline

I wanted a six pack, so I started working out, I felt it would make me look sexy and improve my self-esteem, so I did it. I wanted to be respected back then in secondary school (high school), so I read all through the nights (though it was sometimes, mostly when the exams were close), but I did it.

Think about this…

What if you already got all the things you wanted, would there be any more need to pursue them with discipline


[caption id="attachment_853" align="alignnone" width="300"]A cat wearing a crown, showing how she doenst need anything from anyone she got all she ever wanted[/caption]

Why are these children spoilt brats? why is He so rude? why is she so arrogant? why doesn’t he work out?

ANSWER: they don’t need any of that; the children have no need for respect (at least that’s what they think), he is rude because he is in charge (at least that’s what he thinks), she is arrogant because she doesn’t need you or anything (again that’s what she thinks)

Discipline comes when the bar is set high, when the goal to be achieved is demanding, just hard enough for us to convince ourselves that if we put in enough effort we could archive it, but not too low as to make us lazy.


It all boils down to what you think, what you consider important and necessary. If you feel you have need to learn self-defence, then you’ll have the discipline of going through the pain of Karate lessons.

it is always wise to see the bigger picture

In the middle of an Ocean, slapping your hands against the water, making splashes and kicking in every possible direction wouldn’t get you to safety. But if you can look to find the direction of an island or a floating object, then every kick and splash you make would eventually take you closer to your destination, the pain and consistency (discipline) would simply be a bi-product of your objective

Just try not to set the bar too high, nothing is discouraging as being told you would have to kill three lions with your bare hands in other to be have a piece of cake. If possible, break the goals into small achievable bits.


Most people commit suicide because they feel their lives have no more meaning, but the truth is that they just want to live. They are tired of the way things are, they just want to live but can’t find how, they don’t see the island.

Finding the meaning for your life can stir you in the right direction. However, meaning is an elusive thing. What one person find meaningful can be complete nonsense to another.

My only say on this, is, find something you want to die doing, and then die doing it.


Promise a child a cup of ice cream and he would do his assignments

Discipline is birthed by purpose, so next time someone or yourself complains of your lack of discipline, ask yourself, do I want to do this? what is the bigger picture that I can’t see? If you don’t find the right answer to any of these then you have no need to be disciplined about that, end of story

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