Pain can be good for you if you know how to use it…so the answer to the question “can pain be good” is actually yes, but its a little more complicated though

When a child is born, he has only two primary ways of communications:

  1. crying, which means I don’t like this, I’m in pain and
  2. Laughter, which means I like this, I want more of it

Pain and pleasure would continue to guide our actions throughout life, helping us make choices, However, although instinctively we are meant to move away from pain towards pleasure, the means of achieving pain and pleasure and what they ultimately mean to us changes over time (even though we may be ignorant of this)

For instance, an athlete goes through rigorous and strenuous exercise (which is painful), just so he can win an event (which is pleasurable)

That’s to say with time we begin to intermix pain and pleasure, sometimes intentionally moving from pleasure to pain and back to even more pleasure, and vice versa, creating a complex pattern of actions by which we interact with and navigate our environment (live our lives)

But extremes of pain can be hurtful, it is that degree of pain, if endured, that leads to suffering. I have once written about how to deal with this pain. But in a broad sense, pain can actually be beneficial…


I once read in a book (Venus in furs) where it was said that a single slap from a petit lady would drive a point a hundred lectures couldn’t. Although I am an advocate for vicarious knowledge, I do understand that first-hand experience can lead to a more intense understanding of the subject matter (as emotions are invoked on a much deeper level)

Pain can educate us on the reality of the consequences of a wrong choice, it enlightens us, with this enlightenment being dished out to us without apology by life, pain constantly drives us to change and improve ourselves

I can recall the heartaches I suffered from chasing a girl who wasn’t much interested in me and the unsavory meals I ate because I didn’t know how to cook, well, in the end, both of these events educated me and as well drove me to improve myself


The funny thing about pain is that it can actually be enjoyed – yes pain can be enjoyed

Pain is enjoyed when the individual passing through it knows its value or simply understands what it would lead to. Take for example a young man who goes to the gym every day to work out with his pals, at the gym he is challenged by his pals, he might fail to reach a milestone which was set and everyone would laugh about his failure (himself included), he enjoys the challenges, he enjoys the process and every day he leaves the gym happy and grateful for the pains he just  passed through, as a matter of fact, he would boast of his aching shoulder or fist to his girlfriend (with a grin on his face of course), because he knows that it is bringing about improvement – improvements in his respiratory, muscular, and even cardiovascular systems to mention a few

The aim isn’t to avoid pain (that’s what children do), Mark Manson said in his book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck that the aim is to learn to choose the pain we want to go through, choosing the pain is where the work is, it is what differentiates a baby from an adult


woman lifting barbell. Can pain be good

Photo by Leon Martinez on Pexels.com

Choosing pain is one of the most important lessons in life, it’s a lesson I am learning (and you should probably be learning too if you haven’t already started)

Talking about choosing pain; the memory of children running away from vaccination (needles to be precise), keeps coming to my mind, it is a classic example, a child would simply try to avoid pain by running away from the injections but an adult knows that he should take that six simultaneous injections if he wants to get well (I’m oblivious of any illness that would require such amount of NEEDLES, but I know people do take more than that, depending on their problem of course)

With that being said, I wrote this article hoping to motivate you to try looking at the bigger picture whenever you come across a painful situation…It might just be unbearable or intolerable because you haven’t seen the entire picture

I swear, I would have loved to punch my maths teacher in the face for giving me those annoying homework’s, but today I see the benefits and as much as I hate to say this, I am grateful


as much as I have tried to make “pain” sexy in this post, I do hope you do not bring anyone pain unless of course, you wish to give a seven-year-old Z-transforms to solve

I’ll be more than delighted to hear your opinions and even stories of your painful experiences

if you think anything is missing or out of place in this post, please do well to inform me in the comment section, writing this entire article instead of going to bed has been my pain and I enjoyed it


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